The Weblog Planet Wars: Spam Weblog and Malicious Comments

Obtaining hot in China with the notion of the blog, the blog is also faced with a difficult challenge: an improve in spam weblog, malicious comments. These negative effects not be a excellent deal, then the next blog will be the same as the existing e-mail has turn into a substitute for spam.

Garbage blog:

Garbage weblog is a blog that have an effect on search engine junk files. Sometimes it is used to influence the internet algorithms, manage of these internet pages and other pages or sites link. More ordinary website, this is referred to as “hyperlink farms”. Spam blog content is typically meaningless, full of advertisements or articles to other internet sites Grilled, but with a big number of links the chain, to refuse weblog of the web site – buying, loans, pornography, second-hand car … with you acquire spam content related to rape readers audiovisual item promotion purposes. Of course, there are variations, these spam weblog also eager to want to do another issue: Search engine optimization, or can be said to be Daze Google to improve their site’s PageRank.

Malicious Comments:

The modern weblog systems permit comments and feedback to other customers and readers a simple way to add thoughts and comments to the post. Unfortunately, some people abuse this technique, adding a lot of meaningless advertisements and links that address malicious comments. Some people even create acceptable tools, auto-commit a massive quantity of links to blog reviews. These who create spam blogs and spam comments that this will make a lot of advantages, further search engine rankings or income is generally obtained through the establishment of these systems.

In fact, when the market reached Weblog called e-mail, instant messaging, fourth after the BBS communication when garbage weblog has signs up. Over the past two years, with the protest of the working people in the planet of spam, Microsoft, AOL and other giant joint Judiciary, and perform with each other to strangling spammers. As a result, these mice have to look for other breakthrough point. The Weblog planet inevitably impacted. Garbage blog, previously leaving Blogger really feel headache spam Disaster, garbage backlinks and garbage Trackback. A effectively-known Blogger had a guy in his Weblog scolding liked to numerous Post behind the message, the content material most likely are more and more thrilling “Your article”, “I liked your post” and so on, and then started to sell its personal site. Weblog planet so closely linked to every other, also put on the hypocrisy of touting coat players a trick, folks can not aid but to speculate on the water level of this guy hydrocephalus. Much more guy hair like spam, early use of automated application tools – a designated BSP or WP, MT, Weblog software, it can spam a pick a Wangchu paste. The verification code is an powerful way to stop garbage, but the decent people, the user expertise will undoubtedly minimize.

A single foot, the law is sturdy. We have what approaches? Abroad, numerous Blogger for the future worried: Blog will turn out to be a garbage dump? It is tough to say we do not want to see the future will ever come. Since even the currently extremely effective technical force Google protest from the crowd, only for the time becoming deleted Blogspot 13,000 second-level domain names, as well as “efforts to Blog and Posting a script commitment defense automatically registered. At present, it seems, garbage blog shares sewage, but also are continually flows to the sea of ​​Blog.

Now is to believe deeply and to establish handle interferometer system, so as to deal with these issues. The solution to this difficulty requires a lot of time, because the spam weblog by way of a assortment of new approaches to influence the search engine and website operation. I think that this confrontation and garbage blog will be a extended and arduous war.
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