The World Of Mining Made Simple

Mining is a business that has been around for hundreds of years and it will probably be here for many hundreds more. As long as there are precious minerals and metals stuck in the earth’s core, there will be a mining industry to help extract them. Have you ever wondered about the mining business and what the side-effects may be to the environment? Perhaps you have spent a years’ salary on a diamond engagement ring and wondered where on earth it came from? Here is a quick insight into the fascinating world of mining.

What is Mining?

Technically speaking, mining is the process that is employed to extract minerals and metals from the earth. We can access many different substances using this technique and the value of these is just as varied.

Why Mine?

Mining is a hugely profitable business and that is why people mine, plain and simple. The money is shared around the business and not only do the owners make a decent crust but the workers are paid well and the government will take a fat chunk in export duty.

Mine Where?

Mines exist all over the world and the location depends on the precious substance they are digging for. Gold mines are very prevalent in Africa but they also exist in Indonesia, USA, Papua New Guinea, and in Northern Peru. Australia and Thailand also lay claim to a large gold excavation industry. Diamond mines are also spread across the globe and can be found in Africa, Russia, India and USA. Apart from the two ‘big hitters’ there are many other precious metals and stones that make up the huge money-making mining industry.

Bad for The Environment?

Sadly there is a seemingly unavoidable side effect of mining – damage to our planet. The main issue is that of deforestation and this is practiced by large scale mining. This is where the mine is set up in a particular area and many thousands of workers are employed to extract the target substance. The entire surface area is cleared and the project stays on-site until all of the natural resources have been removed from the ground. The profit margins are big but perhaps the damage that this does is a bigger price to pay for mankind.

Bad for The People?

Sometimes the miners are exposed to toxic waste whilst working on the project. This can be deadly and at the very least it can develop into a serious condition. If the mine exists in a developing country then the workers are usually forced to leave their homes and family for extended periods of time. This will have an adverse effect on the entire community; sadly the often poverty stricken indigenous people have no other source of income.

The Future of Mining?

In many parts of the world, the effects of mining have been devastating. These days the governments of the relevant countries have started to investigate the practices that have led to such terrible outcomes. It is only by the mining companies and ecological experts working together that there can be a happy future for mining and mankind together.
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(HD) Worlds Toughest Cops – Papua New Guinea (Episode 5)

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