The world’s most romantic destinations for honeymoons

Honeymoons are special time between a man and a woman. It is a time to embark on an adventure that will kick off a lifetime of journeys and memories. Enduring the ups and downs of marital bliss is par for the course but the honeymoon is what starts it all off on the right foot. There are a number of romantic places to enjoy a honeymoon depending of course on what the bride and groom love to do. Whether they are athletically charged, water enthusiasts, hikers, boaters, explorers or just a couple seeking lavish affections in a comfortable and serene atmosphere, there are destinations of perfection waiting to be discovered.

More than 80 islands make up the Maldives. This array of island getaways allow honeymooners to take their pick as far as the delight they wish to explore and embrace. The turquoise waters surround the islands adding to the unique colors melting into the endless scenery. For the most lavish and stunning accommodations, the bride and groom will find an exotic honeymoon sanctuary at Huvafen Fushi Maldives. Enjoy the fine dining, spa treatments and over all five star service that this quality retreat has to offer.

If scenic landscapes are a high point in the decision making of your honeymoon, Mauritius can provide you with what you desire. The Black River Gorge is a world renowned location for some of the most breathtaking and uplifting views. Enjoy the gardens, a pleasant hike, and gaze upon the lush and fertile hills, mountains and forests glades.

Zanzibar is a delightful island filled with intriguing places and mysterious charms. The House of Wonders is one of the most sought after tourist’s spots. The intricate setting that was beautifully crafted so many years ago beckons people from afar to take a peek inside. Visiting Stone Town is another remarkable location filled with history as the remnants of centuries past flood the air around you. A Zanzibar honeymoon is a great place to choose because of its warm climate all year round. It is a part of Africa, which as we all know, has the best climate that is perfect for exotic honeymoons any time of the year.

Thailand is an exotic honeymoon destination filled with excitement and intriguing elements. For a cultural experience rich in mysterious yet alluring beauty this honeymoon hot spot is a naturally entrancing site. There are superb resorts resting upon white sand beaches and breath taking views. This is the very definition of a romantic honeymoon. For a memorable and idealistic holiday stay at the Khao Lak resort. The pure area of this haven has been untainted and well preserved in its most natural form. The overwhelming magnificence of this place makes an already precious honeymoon more valuable than words can describe.

Kuala Lumpur is a Malaysia destination filled with diversity and delights. It is a land of well blended ethnic qualities and style. A couple on their honeymoon can find a great many things to enjoy on this luxury trip of a lifetime. With so many activities, night life, entertainment and shopping there is never a dull moment. Jungle trekking, river cruises, discovering some of the best and most exclusive beaches as well as relaxing in the natural hot ponds are only a few of the activities honeymooners can enjoy.

Honeymoons in the Caribbean have long been enjoyed as one of the most romantic destinations. The tropical splendor can only increase the feelings of raw passion that the two love birds have for each other. The Almond Beach Resort St Lucia is an all inclusive facility ready to pamper both the bride and groom with every whim and desire. Enjoy the spectacular weather and brilliant beaches in this tropical oasis.

Honeymoons in Bali are enchanting to say the least. Relaxing on the beach, thrill seeking, exploring, rafting, swimming, snorkeling, diving, hiking and boating are all naming only a few of the recreational choices on this honeymoon of magic! Start off your marriage with an adventure like no other; one that will rival even the most spectacular vacations that your future holds. Regardless your honeymoon aspiration Bali has you covered. Take pleasure in the villas at Four Seasons Jimbaran. The scenery, the food, the absolute thrill of it all will make you want to come back for more perhaps a second honeymoon will be in order.
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