There Is A Call For A New Type Of Leadership


The promulgation of leaders who lack the essence of leadership is often a forced type of insistence that shall lead to their downfall; eventually we hope anyway. Unfortunately the recent recession cum depression was caused by these types of leaders all over the world especially in finance and where the synapse was too fragile within economies, especially, to cope.

The ordinary citizen has to develop a more dominant mindset towards his or her future and resist the inclination to allow perceived leaders to assume authority. Leaders like Hitler have come and gone but the mindset has not and while we may keep a check on certain countries around the globe because of their dogmatic representatives we often miss the subtleties of those among us with similar tendencies.

Self control, pleasant personality and sympathy and understanding are but a few reflections of a suggested eleven to be desired in our leaders. While elections are always filled with promises we need to truly analyse the past history of our representatives to see if they do possess as many favourable attributes as possible before we elect them.

Party histrionics and career politicians are not always a good choice and we have seen how it is possible to elect a variation from the norm but still retain the party semblance: e.g. Barack Obama. This is where dedication to commitment for change has drawbacks because affinity to any particular or preferential party will not effect enough desired changes to even come under the heading of forward thinking. Change and political parties are not conducive and are more of an oxymoron thus shall never reap the desired results. We also have to question the blind adherence that is expected of members of political parties as that is as primitive as dinosaurs thus confusing progress.

Back to basics type of thinking shall lead eventually to the appropriate mindset being adopted and this in turn shall produce significant results but time may not be an option for this to happen. We may only pray that God in his wisdom has made plans to safeguard the protection of society thus the undesirables shall go by the wayside like all other unfavourable factions before them.

There is a tragic element within society’s framework where abstaining is preferable to going to the poll booth and unfortunately this is a sad reflection of the lack of vision of representatives and electorate alike. Let me tell you this wee biteen of an idea but if any individual or group or especially political party wants to have a huge backing from an electorate then they need to make sure that down in the trenches of local matters everything is being carried out with efficiency and dedication with an emphasis on honesty and transparency.

Sadly indeed it is when someone is elected because he or she is a grand fellow but when on the national stage lacks the forthrightness and vision to be effective. Thus they are a liability and shall result in huge mistakes being made at a wicked cost to the exchequer which has to be paid by the electorate; i.e. our current financial woes.

In summation then it shall behoove all the electorate to be involved and make the commitment to vote otherwise we may as well regress and allow the regal demons of old to assume control once again. God help us if the likes of Prince Charles were ruling any country let alone an empire. We have enough historical data to convince us that is not where we need to be so let us assume responsibility by being involved then we shall have appropriate leadership; top class.

The time is here to end the reign of plutocratic vagrants who without any sign of consideration despoil the masses of everything from riches and opportunity to self respect and hope. The common citizen has the capacity to assume control of his and her destiny without throwing our birthright away. The winds of change are blowing so let us hear the call answering appropriately and effectively; we deserve to acquire a more stable economy for every nuance within society. We also deserve to know posterity will be positive thus our children shall also reap top class rewards and we may enjoy today because we always nourish new leaders; thus confidence eases through society and calm reigns supreme.