There is No Such Thing as Bad Publicity

High-tech basketball shoes banned by NBA? Advertising is a funny thing.

Somebody once said that there is no such thing as bad publicity, and that is being proved today in the news and on blogs nation-wide, today.

Athletic Propulsion Labs has designed and produced a new kind of shoe for basketball players.

It is not uncommon for a sports shoe manufacturer to imply that you can run faster, jump higher, and perform better all around with whatever shoe they have to sell.

This time, it seems, there is some truth to it.

The Concept 1 shoe at $ 300 a pair has been designed to help increase the wearer’s vertical jump, and they show the results of the study of a pair of PHDs on their site.

While the results shown are not a radical increase in the height of a jump, if the numbers are true, the amount of increase is significant statistically.

The self-funded and presented report is not what sells this expensive shoe. What sells it is the NBA’s decision to BAN the shoe from professional sports.

One blogger (KicksOnFire) had the opportunity to try out these new shoes, and wrote a glowing review of them.

LALate is discussing why these shows are being banned from play by the NBA, and The Business Insider Sports Page agrees with us that the NBA’s move to ban this shoe will pretty much ensure that they are commercial success.

While an endorsement by the NBA would have been a real feather in their caps, Athletic Propulsion Labs will not, at the end of the day, be hurt in any way by the banning of the Concept 1 shoe.

More to the point, as there are a great many more basketball player wannabes than there are professional players, the non-pro market is an incredible niche to be in.

We foresee that the Concept 1 shoe, and those that come after it, will be a huge success.

We are guessing that even now knockoff shoes are being planned, and possibly are already on the way to the market.

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