There Is No Time Like Now For A Surf Travel Adventure

Are you sick and tired of fighting the crowds just to catch some two foot wind slop and your local beach break? Are you tired of watching surf vids and just dreaming about some day going to one of those classic reef breaks you drool over all the time? So you just want to get as far away from civilization as you possibly can? Then it is time for you to take a surf travel vacation.

What is it that is holding you back? Is it money? If you want to, you can live for peanuts close to some of the best breaks in the world. For the price of an airline ticket, you can stay in a cheap guesthouse in Bali and have access to places like Uluwatu and any of the other great Bali reef breaks.

For a couple of bucks you can get a boat over to Nusa Lembongan and have your bungalow practically at the shoreline. If you have never heard of Lembongan before, you are in for a very pleasant surprise. In the land of the left hand breaks, the best waves there are rights!

With your headquarters in Bali, you can get to all the best breaks in Indonesia. These are places that are featured in all the greatest surfing flicks of all time. Gland, for instance, is easy to get to from Bali.

GLand needs no introduction to any surfer. On its day (and there are many), you can get barreled for up to two hundred yards on one of the fastest and most challenging waves in the world. You can stay there in comfort, too, unlike the old days when you had to sleep in the jungle.

For the ultimate surfing adventure, get a bunch of your buddies together and charter a boat. You can sail from Fiji to the Maldives and have the ultimate surfing adventure. You will surf fabled reefs and unknown reefs. There are little dots on the sea that have waves to rival anything you have seen on a DVD and you and your mates can have them all to yourselves. The price of the boat will not be cheap, but between all of you, it will be affordable.

What is it that is holding you back? Is it money? Is it the fear of the unknown? Whatever it is, get over it! You are only young once. You do not want to look back and regret that you never took advantage of your youth and pushed you limits on some of the sickest waves on the planet. Long after the cost of the trip is forgotten, you will have memories to last you for a lifetime. Go on a surf travel adventure while you still have the chance!
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