There Now Follow News Headlines….. North, East, West, South.

How numerous occasions you have heard this and then waited anxiously for the news…?

Against the background of the tsunami with devastating consequences, hurricanes in the USA which did an untold amount of damage to lives and property. Add to his the loss of life, homelessness coupled with chronic shortage of meals straight attributable to the South Asian earth quake… you nearly expect bad news all the time.

Do we usually get all the NEWS or do we get the NEWS that higher powers decide we need to have access to? I identified myself asking this extremely query during a recent pay a visit to to the USA..

My self-actuated assignment imposed intensive workload throughout the day. For the duration of the course of the evening, I wanted to locate out what was going on in the rest of the globe. My quest to keep up with the present affairs across the 4 corners of the world forced me to flick by means of 100s of channels I tried the well established names such as CNN and NBC along with all the regional media. Each and every a single of these news providers focussed on residence news.

The phrase “NEWS” is an acronym standing for North, East, West, lastly S for South. In that regard, is it not reasonable to anticipate news from across the world? Clearly, individuals in some quarters never subscribe to this view as I found out to my expense. I located myself in a virtual vacuum a feeling of being somehow disconnected from the rest of the globe or the planet that I had grow to be accustomed to. My thoughts was deprived of important information a news feed, and it was almost asking for info.

I was asking people about me for details about the rest of the planet… somebody talked about an explosion in England.. please inform me far more I asked what and how this explosion occurred.. Was there any loss of life? Did my friends and loved ones suffer as a outcome of this explosion. I sincerely hope.. this is not one more act of terrorism by some group wanting to make or leave its mark on the civilised world. I could not discover any data. What effect does such a situation have on people I was asking? Men and women reside their entire lives and do not even uncover out or get to know about the rest of the world.. How sad?

Ultimately, the dire consequences of localised news focus creates a type of unhealthy ignorance that we don’t need. We are living in an info age but some mediums stop the totally free flow of that info. If we are going to modify the world then we need to know the world, we require to replace the vacuum with information and we want to ensure that it is flowing in a natural manner. CNN, NBC &amp FOX NEWS… here is your possibility to make your contribution to the world by creating the American public conscious of the rest of the world and its existence. Guests to the USA will advantage as well.

CNN is 1 international network which does reach folks across the world. Nevertheless, a lot more demands to be accomplished to bring the planet closer together and now.
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