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Service Science, the world’s leading Thermo Fisher Scientific (NYSE: TMO) “China’s Refining Day” on October 14, 2009 in Shanghai, 31 from all over the well-known petrochemical, Refinery and related quality monitoring bodies together leaders and experts invited to race in the Jinqiao Development Zone Shanghai Thermo Fisher Products Center, with the petrochemical industry in the production process to discuss various types of measurement solutions and share best products and technology and successful experience. The customer

Day theme of “refining solution”, “process analyzer,” “refined environmental solutions,” “refined lab solution”, “Laboratory Information Management”, “Materials Reliability Identification “and other themes, details the various stages of production for petrochemical products related to performance testing and application examples. Also participating in the exchange Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. vice president and general manager of process control BillSummers, process control, global marketing director DavidTran, process control, global Sell Director PaulWarburton, vice president and general manager of China MichaelShafer (Mai Sai Fu), process instrumentation, China Area Business Director Peizu An and his entourage of 15 people.

As the world leader in instrumentation analysis, Thermo Fisher’s equipment and services throughout the upstream and downstream petrochemical industry, the exploration, production, transmission and purification of such links, in the process efficiency, sealed transmission, real-time information, quality control , environmental compliance, clean fuels, catalysts play an important role in protection. Customers on exchange, Thermo Fisher’s experts from Crude Mining, processing, output to the new R & D links the entire refining process involved testing equipment, including various types of sulfur meter, process meter flow meters and sensors, PMI discriminator, laboratory solutions and LISM laboratory information management systems, visit the link in the site were displayed to attract the concern of many participants. The large display devices are known in the world’s major petrochemical companies applied, including what is more than 90% market share.

SOLA total sulfur analyzer in the United States through the COR certification and was awarded a special award from the United States WCC, PrimaPRO-line mass spectrometer has a 99.7% reliability, TrackerXP sulfur analyzer has 250 direct sales worldwide, PY- GAS is the industry’s self-cleaning sampler with a sampler recognized industry leader, TS3000 analyzer is a reliable market, the best method to measure the sulfur combustion equipment. Thermo Fisher remarkable of these properties, successful performance of the analytical equipment, but also received the unanimous approval of project experts at home and abroad: “I have been in the analytical instruments in the field for over 20 years, SOLA good performance exceeded my expectations It’s measurements are very accurate, very reliable, “” Thermo Fisher Scientific’s technical support is very good, calibration is easy, reproducible and well “… … these intuitive impartial appraisal of the contemporary process of the petrochemical industry instrumentation development results certainly, but also has valuable experience in industrial development is concentrated, it will become the industry benchmark development, leading the petrochemical industry to move forward.

One-day event Thermo Fisher, “China’s refining Day” Sheng also invited participants on the current analysis of the petrochemical industry to discuss hot issues, “heavy crude oil processing,” “clean fuel standards” and other topics attracted a lot of staff comment on the proposed one after another, as if petrochemical industry, a “brainstorming.” “We in China now have more and more industrial applications, petrochemical, cement, electricity, nuclear instrumentation and environment, are relatively new to our industry, but these years, we have the team and technology in China are increasingly mature, so we are fully confident in the success of these industries. “Thermo Fisher, vice president and general manager of China Mai Sai, Mr. Fu said. SABUNG AYAM