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How NOT To Spot Fake News

Just since a news story is bad or troublesome that does not make it FAKE…

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There’s been all kinds of speak recently about “fake news”, by which people generally mean incorrect or invented information, unsourced claims or patently outlandish assertions, usually aimed at stirring the political … doo-doo. Fake news is even thought to have played a meaningful portion the outcome of the the 2016 American presidential election. WE … are gonna do one thing different. We’re not gonna speak about how to spot fake news. We’re gonna talk about about how NOT to spot fake news, about how particular news things can seem suspect… but not all blemishes make their stories necessarily fake. We’re gonna talk about what Is not fake news by making use of Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman’s book Manufacturing Consent, as our guide. If you’re unfamiliar, these gents argue that newsmedia can function in subtle, even unmeaning methods to get individuals to agree with the news supply, and one particular an additional, on the troubles of the day and political or financial positions which largely… benefit the strong. They contact this capacity the news media’s “propaganda function”, and they claim it is constructed into the quite structure of media itself, even media which you’d never ever point at and go “HEY! That is A PROPAGANDA!” So follow along with us with our handy guide on how NOT to spot fake news.




Fake News and the Aesthetic of Objectivity
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00:25 Social Media and Fake News in the 2016 Election

00:34 The Guardian Report

00:35 Cyborgology Write-up

Fake News and the Aesthetic of Objectivity

00:38 On The Media Handbook

three:26 The Young Turks

3:44 Bias? In My Algorithms? A Facebook News Story

eight:38 Cold War in 9 Minutes

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