Thin Thighs – Tips to Reduce the Overall Size of Your Thighs, Butt and Hips

Your unsightly cottage cheese thighs and wobbly butts can make a mess of your personality and self-esteem. You cannot go swimming or playing because you feel embarrassed showing the ripples, hills and valleys in your thighs and butts.

How often you have dreamed to have those well defined and sculpted thighs that athletes, sports people, models and celebrities display with pride! How often you have wished you could wear that short mini skirt, those skinny jeans or that cocktail dress in the party of your friends and peers!

It is true that you can permanently re-shape  your thighs, butt and legs, release that  hardened  cellulite and smooth out those ugly  and flabby ripples without drugs, supplements and without resorting to self-starvation.

It is no more a secret that exercise is the best and natural way to burn the unneeded calories and reduce the overall fat that makes your body and your thighs flabby and ugly.

But sometimes some parts of your body need specific workout to bring them into shape.

There are special exercises, for example, for heart, back, arms, wrists, eyes or the digestive system.

There are certain workouts that are specially designed to make your thighs thin and trim. All you need is the will to be regular and persistent in doing them daily. You will not have to wait for months to see results. You will be surprised to see your thighs becoming thinner in a matter of days depending upon their thickness.

Here is just one simple workout to make your thighs sexy, slim and enviable.

Position 1

Hold on to the upper side/bar of the back seat of a chair or a body bar. Bend both your knees and then bring one knee towards your chest.

Position 2 

Bring your leg back to its original position. Now slowly extend it to the back and you squeeze your glute muscle till you count up to four.

Return back to the neutral position and do the same with your second leg.

Do this exercise for a number of times that you feel comfortable. This exercise will sculpt your hip.