Things That You Will Love In The Nokia E7

If you are seeing the Nokia E7 for the very first time, then I am telling you that for sure, you had the very same response as I did. Most people who have seen this new phone from Nokia had nothing to say but “WOW”. Straight and simple, that is how amazing this phone is.

The Nokia E7’s 4″ Clear Black display will really make your jaw drop. Its full QWERTY slider and AMOLED screen, you will definitely find it attractive and svelte at the same time.

Now, the following are just some of the things that you will love with the new Nokia E7:

Gorgeous Screen – It has this Clear Black screen, and I tell you, to come up with this kind of gorgeous screen is no joke at all. It has a super AMOLED screen, this made other mobile phone’s badass displays a thing of the past. That is how kick-ass this phone is.

Slide Mechanism and Keyboard – You may find it kind of weird at first, but then it will basically grow on you. The more you look at it and feel it, the more you will find it amazing. You can operate this mobile phone with two-thumbs on the bottom part. Yes, it will take you a little time to get used to it, but so far, the Nokia E7 has the best keyboard compared to other Nokia mobile phones. It has no fatal flaws (so far). It has a working slider, that slides far enough and its space bar is not as off-centered as the others. You can easily type your messages in ease and without stumbling on the other keys, unlike other mobile phones out there.

Anodized Silver Frame – It comes with an anodized silver frame that will definitely make you go GAGA over it. It also comes in different colors as well. You can truly say that the depth of Nokia E7 is more incredible given that there is a QWERTY keyboard hidden underneath the phone.

Connects Well With The Internet You will no longer have any problem when connecting to the internet using the Nokia E7. Browsing the internet will never be the same, once you use this phone. The usual Wi-Fi is present, you will definitely enjoy viewing web pages and use your favorite social networking sites in breeze while only using a mobile phone.

These are just some of the awesome things that you will love about the new Nokia E7.


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