Things You Need To Know Before Building A Custom Chicken Coop

Building a chicken coop is not as hard as people thinks but you need to consider several things before getting practical. Few of these steps include choosing a right coop structure that fulfills your needs and have an estimate of size, whether it’s going to be a small or large coop. It’s always suggested to draw a rough sketch of chicken coop kit having exact measurements and appropriate design.
Chicken coops not only provide a safe shelter but protect your chickens from wild animal and climatic conditions. They enhance the appearance of your garden, back yard or where ever you want to install them. Below are listed common elements that are essential in building coops from scratch.
It is imperative that you choose high grade of raw material that is non toxic, structurally rigid and has the ability to last longer. Also make sure the material you are going to use will be easily available in the future, in case you need to replace some parts due to wear and tear or you want to make some modification in order to expand your coop.
The climate varies from area to area and you must keep in mind to design coop that provides complete protection to your chicken either in cold or hot weather. You must use material that has ability to endure heavy rains, strong winds and structure must be strong enough to withstand the effect of extreme conditions. Also ensure the wood or similar materials you are using doesn’t get rotten after rainy season.
Ventilation is an essential need of every living being and it plays an important role in maintaining the health level of your chickens. Proper ventilation keeps up the flow of air throughout the coop and wind circle continues to deliver fresh air to chickens. It levels the proportion of damp and moist in coop kit and make sure the chicken don’t catch flu due to excessive moisture and is vital to speed up the production process.
Every chicken coop kit need maintenance on a regular basis as you cannot leave coop on its own. You need to make a schedule of cleanup process and in order to do so you must design a structure that is easy to reach as well as flexible to operate. If roof height is not enough you can keep some parts detachable for easy cleaning.
Chickens are top victim of deadly predators that are always striving to take away chicken in your absence and situation gets more critical in night. In order to remove this worry you need to design a very firm structure that is durable enough to keep away animals from your chickens at any cost. Putting a fence or net around the coop is ideal choice but a solid base is also necessary to prevent animals that can dig into the coop.
The trend of making mobile coops is often seemed in small size structures as it has many advantages associated with it and it’s another factor that is helpful in many ways to protect your chicken coop kit from weather as well as outdoor dangers.
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