Think Like a Man Film Makes Women, Males Consider

Understanding the opposite sex has constantly been a tough job. Honestly, understanding one’s self and what’s very best for one’s self is also hard. Additionally, understanding what to appear for in the opposite sex and understanding how to spot the right mate has baffled guys and women for centuries.

Nonetheless, when comedian Steve Harvey came out with the self-aid book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, he supplied insight into the mind of the contemporary man and allowed ladies to greater recognize their mate and greater understand the excellent man for their life.

Nevertheless, when I heard he was turning his best-promoting book into the Think Like a Man film, I was not also enthusiastic initially. How would Harvey turn a book that was not a novel or biography/autobiography into a story line that would preserve moviegoers interested for two hours?

The ladies, frustrated with adore, turn to Harvey’s book to realize the opposite sex. Unbeknownst to the guys, they come under attack by the guidance of a “traitor” (Steve Harvey) and the females begin to see that their ideal men are not that best at all.

When the men find out where their females are getting their ammunition, they start reading the book as well so they can pretend to be that excellent man for their woman.

My apprehension was erased following laughing for an entire two hours at “idiots” like Kevin Hart who plays Cedric, a hen-pecked man going by means of a bitter divorce. Hart, whose star is continuing to grow, tends to make the film stand out and is the undisputed star of the Believe Like a Man film.

Michael Ealy plays Dominic, the man with potential, but the man who has not reached his career or financial targets. He has all of the correct moves to get the woman of his dreams, Lauren (Taraji P. Henson), but not adequate capital to hold her captivated.

Jeremy (Jerry Ferrara), has the girl and a half-way decent job, but lacks the maturity that Kristen (Gabrielle Union) is hunting for in a husband. They have been together, shacking up because college, but Jeremy is totally satisfied with the status quo.

Mya (Meagan Goode) is a great-girl who becomes dedicated to Harvey’s 90-day abstinence program soon after dating guys like Alex (Chris Brown) who cannot appear to don’t forget her name.

Zeke (Romany Malco) is the ladies man of the group of guys but is thrown via the loop of love when he becomes a “casualty” of Mya’s abstinence program.

Candace (Regina Hall) is a dedicated single mother who has not dated in a couple of years, causing family members members to wonder about her. She meets the “excellent” guy, Michael, who has admired her given that high school. There is only one difficulty. Michael is a mama’s boy, much more committed to his mother Loretta (Jenifer Lewis) than to her and her son.

Bennett (Gary Owens) is the only level-headed guy of the group, as he would rather cut his nights with the “fellas” quick to return property to his wife.

Although the Consider Like a Man movie does not require a single to believe too much and has a standard ending, the comedic genius of Hart and the cameo appearances of some of Hollywood’s ideal identified stars makes this movie something you need to see, whether it is as a date flick or not.

The Think Like a Man movie, however, will make men and ladies think about their relationships and whether or not they are looking for the correct items when it comes to picking a partnership companion.

Harvey’s film shows males they have a lot of growing up to do in order to please their women. And girls find out that the superficial reasons they use to get involved, or steer clear of a relationship shows that they need to mature as properly.