This difference of about to be referred to as the “North-South variations,” maybe not fairly exact

Last week’s column talked about the continent Sina microblogging just becoming a location full of smoke, this week the “war” and folks who burn the media, and rare the worth of the difference among north and south amongst the media and presented to the public dialogue divide naked consideration below.
This distinction of about to be named the “North-South variations,” possibly not really exact, but the point of market-oriented media, the media and party differences, it seems not so satisfactory, strictly speaking, the current media, as lengthy as the Concerns have the proper to interview inside the program are the media. Taiwan, the mainland does not exist in the authoritarian era of so-called non-party press. Whatever name, these uprising debate associated to national sentiment, but added showing the diversity of Chinese nationalism and for the complex logic behind, very worthy of observation.
Deconstruction would be counterproductive over-
Newspaper factors originated in the South’s media, “Southern Weekly” editor Simon is not dark (microblogging ID) in the micro-Bo for the “918” made some inappropriate remarks, probably want to deconstruct the ideological monopoly of the official propaganda beneath the words, Nonetheless, due to the habit of the yellow piece of comparable style dinner onto the micro-Bo, a time ripple, the nationalist incurred heavy shelling on the network, that an individual asked for his resignation network initiated movement, have claimed to be at their own expense marketing boycott of the national feelings of harm to the public comments, and even asked advertisers not to advertise in this publication. Of course, this protest because the anonymous nature of randomness caused by the non-institutional and procedural chaos, frequently evolve into the person’s exaggeration attack Taiwan if the mainland such as the Society for Media Reform, Media Watch Foundation would be genuine organizations, civil comments on the media and media folks or the supervision of protest, there is a systematic rationality and legality.
Tremendously excited by the public of the “wind”, Beijing’s party media, “Worldwide Times” site published two pairs of dark no comments for Simon serious criticism of the article, officially opened a public confrontation amongst the media, public opinion war.
1 report entitled write-up, the “Global Occasions” reporter Mei Yutang wrote in English, gentle tone of this article, in contrast to customers of non-rational abuse , the authors said: “I do not believe Simon is not dark,” traitor. “In my opinion, he is just” no chat “at the wrong time to say a” joke “, not only did not play a function in ridicule , and gave herself a foul. “The report also criticized China for some liberals to the intense and arrogant,” has turn into antiquated in the liberal elements, the loss of nature. “Simon is not dark for the customers of the crusade, Mei Yutang said: “If a particular person narrow therapy of diverse concepts, his personal words space will be squeezed.”
These remarks also reflected back willingness for dialogue, although in diverse positions, but the hit will be liberal in recent years to simplify the understanding of the hardship suffered by the liberal media folks: the blind to gag and deconstruction, in the freedom of speech is not under higher pressure certainly played a role in digestion authoritarian, but not better obtain social consensus, fear will lead to a lot more extreme tear or simply to move groups of cynicism.
Flashy language that depletion of thinking
Why? Han continued from the mainland since heat can be seen. I do not mean that Han ought to not grow to be idols, but rather, when a society of young folks, academics, media individuals so eager to praise the Han, to some extent also for their historical responsibility must be an escape, some intellectuals had advocated a Han Hansheng hundreds of intellectuals, this is a helpless sort of language.
Han itself is clear, he had nearly ten years, frankly do not own study, and strictly speaking, Han can not bear the public duty of intellectuals, social anatomy, but he has superb vital pondering, This is not just due to his ─ ─ early school drop out, away from the examination-oriented education harm. More than the years, the Korean word swept the Web, Han Han’s blog post every trace of wit is a massive number of users spread their style of humor, ridicule so that customers have been excited, and even a lot of media individuals are extremely respected, and numerous of the media to publish such a style proud of the write-up.
Regrettably, not every person has the wisdom or luck Han, gag is an adventure, believe it will fall into the ridiculous position.
April 2010, I wrote an post entitled gag sooner or later turn out to be the era of the past the write-up, and drew a policy on “mode of discourse of our occasions,” the theme, expressed such a trend of the occasions issues. This is not a forecast, but the embarrassment in which the body, to survive in the cracks of the media individuals, it is simple to really feel the language could lead to the thought of ​​vanity depletion. Neil Postman ‧ Americans mentioned: “There are two approaches to make cultural spirit wither, a single is the Orwellian ─ ─ culture has become a prison, the other is the Huxley-style ─ ─ culture has grow to be a travesty . “and today’s China, it appears that the resistance of these two trends are insufficient, one particular is nonetheless the case for speech crimes can not be eliminated, on the other gag-style collective discourse is swallowing the paper is punctured direct speech.
Sabung Ayam