This Is How You Repair A Faulty A C

This is how you repair a faulty A C

There might be times when you would be cursing the AC technician for not turning up after your complaint to fix your faulty AC. You would inevitably end up in a pool of sweat. So for all such people who dread this situation here are some tips on the working of an AC and simultaneously some repair tips as well.

The fundamental rule of the working of an Air Conditioner

An air conditioner which is centralized is basically divided into two different set ups. One is the exterior set up while the other is the interior. The most important components of the AC system are the evaporator and the condenser. All through the house or the structure pipe lines are spread which emits cool breeze and absorbs the heat to blow it outside.

The first task that one should do after purchasing an air conditioner is to go through the manual attached with it and understand the various parts and functions and also ways and means to assemble or re assemble it. Just to give you an idea here are certain commonly faced problems with ACs.

I. No cooling in the room despite of the AC being switched on

Cleaning of the compressor unit and the filter

Often the system requires a thorough cleaning and this is how it indicates it to the owner. The filter of the compressor could be clotted with dust particles thereby stopping the cool breeze to spread into the room. All you need to do is after switching off the power supply to the AC, open up the unit of the compressor and take out the grill to dust it and then do the same with the filter by taking it out and brushing it.

The motor requires oiling

Locate the motor using the manual mentioned above and then reassemble it. After opening up the motor, oil it to lubricate it finely. After this put it back together and one it is done switch on the AC to check whether or not it is fine.

II. The compressor switches off frequently and automatically

This problem indicates a fault in the electric circuit of the air conditioner and for this purpose the circuit and the fuse have to be tested along with the various switches and sockets of the plug-ins.

III. Frozen Coils

Often the inner coils get frozen due to the cold waves that keep circulating all along. Cleaning it does not take much time.

IV. Huge noise emanating from Air conditioner

Many a times the air conditioner starts to make noise and huge noises while working. This occurs because of the fan belt being displaced. Restoring it to its original place with the help of the manual solves the problem.

V. Bad odor

Sometimes the working is fine but certain kind of foul odor starts to come out of the system. This is because of the fungi and other molds that develop in the cooling system due to humidity. Cleaning the Ac is the solution.

Such simple repairs can be done on your own and save you a lot of time and money. SABUNG AYAM