Three Essential Tips to Writing Your Own eBook

An Ebook can be a tremendously rewarding project for any Internet Marketer with a good idea to share. Sure, there are other ways to go about it. Articles, a blog, a newsletter series – they all offer ongoing information for readers who need those details. But, there is something profoundly different about a well written, information rich eBook.

But, for many marketers, making the jump from hawking other people’s books to writing their own can seem like a mountain too steep to scale. It doesn’t have to be though. After all, an eBook is nothing more than a really long article. The key is learning to think about it in smaller chunks, without the momentous size and scale that many of us see in such a big project. Here are three tips to help break down that epic new project into easily digestible chunks:

1. The Ultimate Outline

An eBook is a long chunk of text. Even if it’s only 30 pages, you’re putting together over 5,000 words of content (that’s 10 articles) into a single stream of thought. How do you keep it all together without having any loose ends or confusing bits? Simple, you write an outline. Not just any outline though – a long one. A really long one. A good outline needs to be at least 3-4 pages long. Write down every idea you have and then start to put them in order. Write up headers, subheaders, and lists for each chapter and then describe what you want for each one. Write out references to check for each section and then go check those references. The more you give yourself to start with, the easier it will be to go back later on and streamline it all together.

2. Research, Research, Research

It’s not fun, but you’d better be ready to spend at least half as much time researching as you do writing. Research makes the world go round and if you want anyone (and I mean anyone) to take your book seriously, you’d better be accurate. Take notes, write down references and get quotes. Create authority and use it to give your book some heft.

3. Get a Second Pair of Eyes

Writing 30 pages of content (or much more for some of you), can be intensive. It’s hard to step back from it when you’re all done and read what you wrote with objective eyes. For that reason, make sure you have a second pair of eyes that can read and edit the project for you. Whether it’s your spouse or a fellow marketer – get a good, honest edit of your work.

When a good eBook comes together properly, there’s something profoundly satisfactory about it. If you don’t take the time to set it up right and then review the content you write though, it can be hard to wrap it up effectively.