Three Gorges Project Has Accumulated Dynamic Investment 186 344 000 000 – Three Gorges Project, The

Three Gorges Construction Ending the current has entered the critical period, news from today here at the Three Gorges Project summary financial supervision of exchange and commendation meeting was informed that: Since the Three Gorges Project under construction, investment control and good management and use of construction funds, a special construction in China capital efficiency of one of the best works.

It is understood from the start the construction of the Three Gorges Project has accumulated dynamic investment 186.344 billion yuan, of which 79.952 billion yuan Project, Transmission and Distribution Project 35.263 billion yuan, 71.129 billion yuan immigration project. Overall, the Three Gorges Project static investment can be controlled by the state within the approved budget, dynamic investment can be controlled in the early prediction of the Bill. From the previous year’s audit situation, the hub and the power transmission project construction capital investment budget for the control and management of the use of a good sound system of reservoir resettlement fund management, use of norms, efficiency significantly.

Over the years, through enhanced leadership, focus on advance prevention, strengthening institutions, innovative control mechanism, a serious effort to investigate the case and other aspects, the Three Gorges Project funds fruitful supervision, to ensure that the funds for construction of safe and effective for the Three Gorges successful construction project provides strong protection. Calendar year, the Three Gorges Project to finance the audit rectification rate above 95%. Since the start the construction of Three Gorges Project since the criminal cases on a thorough investigation, recovery of the funds involved.

State Council Three Gorges director Wang Xiaofeng said that while the current off the Three Gorges Project has entered the stage, but future monitoring work will not relax. Financial regulation in the future will focus on monitoring whether the violation unplanned, super plan disbursement of funds; unlawful misappropriation or diversion, and corruption Resettlement Fund, various special funds and so on, to ensure the construction and follow-up smoothly.

Reporter learned from the State Department Office of Diversion Project: As of the end of October, the South East, central a project total investment over 340 billion yuan, 345.07 million cubic meters of earth to complete the 8.567 million cubic meters of concrete poured . 2010 North Water Transfer Project will be fully accelerated, year completed more than 40 billion yuan investment, the annual investment since the project started construction of the largest of the year.

It is reported that the South since the project started in 2002, has accumulated 98 projects approved design elements, accounting for 63% of total approved investment 129.5 billion yuan, accounting for 56% of the main project investment. South line of the present construction has started, the overall good quality. Eastern has started construction of Dongping Lake Nansi to paragraph, Jinan urban, Liulaojian two stations, the Middle Line Route, and Yellow to Yellow River south of the Taocha Zhanghe hub section, Hubei Xinglong Hydro 24 works quite started in the first 6 years the total investment. Most provinces and cities along the supporting project planning has been approved, Beijing, Tianjin, is building a complete project. Number of completed projects

South income. Beijing-Shijiazhuang emergency water supply projects successfully completed diversion targets, from Hebei Province Gangnan Huangbizhuang, Wang quickly transferred out of three reservoirs total 435 million cubic meters of water, to some extent alleviate the water shortage in Beijing. Eastern started the first level canal project in Shandong’s economy, ensuring good water quality and adequate Xiaoqinghe water. Jiangsu Three Tung Po works in Lixia River drainage in many occasions. Eastern Jiangsu Liu for Station, solution sets for Station, Huai river water four points, Jiangdu station rehabilitation and other projects have been built, and local water resources and flood control and drainage play an important role. SABUNG AYAM