Three Great Events Where A Customized T-shirt Can Be Used Creatively

It is common to see custom printed t-shirts at parties hosted by youngsters but did you know that they can be the center of attraction at a sweet sixteen, Quinceanos or a Debut party. Every girl wants to look spectacular on her special day; as a matter of fact, it is common place to see young girls dolled up gowns and tiaras for these parties.

Unfortunately, not everybody can afford the MTV style grandiose for a coming of age or birthday party. The Music channel was instrumental is making sweet sixteen parties synonymous with opulence but you don’t need to spend a small fortune to have fun and host a happening party. Then, there are also those pf us who like to keep things simple and personal. If you fall in one of these two categories, you can do away with the biggest expenditure of the day; that of a gown and a tiara. Girls you need to understand that even real life princesses don’t wear their gowns and tiaras these days unless they have to. How about using customized tee-shirts with a picture or a collage of the birthday girl at different ages and her birth date? You can use these custom t-shirts as party favors or as the uniform dress code for the party. So, lets start with the first important party in our list and how you can make it extra special with customized tee-shirts

Custom T-Shirts For Quinceanos Parties

A Quinceanera or Quinceanos is a coming of age celebration associated with the Latin culture. The word literally means 15 years in Spanish and there is a lot of dancing, celebrations and good food to go around at the event. The day marks the age of a girl to step into the society as a young woman. The rituals that are followed during the event are a mix of social and spiritual obligations, A girl gets several gifts among them will also be religious gifts such as a crucifix and a bible. It is normal for families to go all out and celebrate Quinceaños of their daughter in a very special way; it is also common to see the same extravagance and grandeur that you may witness in a wedding ceremony.

As a matter of fact, the event often turns into something of a social statement so many families resort to an overt display of their wealth and clout in the society. However, not all Latinas are lucky to enjoy this day in a Valentino gown and Blahnik shoes but you don’t have to be a rich kid to have loads of fun. Try to make the party personable for everybody by toning it down a few notches. Instead of the opulent attire, go for the cool chick look with a custom tee-shirt designed just for you. You can put your picture on the customized tee-shirt with a mention of the event, the date and perhaps the place of the party. You will see that most of your friends will be more comfortable in their regular jeans and tees than their ball gowns. The next on our list is the sweet sixteen party.

Customized T-Shirts For Sweet Sixteen Parties

It is very common for young girls to celebrate their sixteenth birthday in a very special ay and such celebrations are regularly seen all over the United States and Canada and even some parts of Europe; this is the American coming of age party and is celebrated instead of the Quinceaños and Debut parties. But like the two other events very few people can stop themselves from turning their daughter’s special day into an exhibition of their wealth. Although MTV has done its bit to popularize grandiose in such an event; there is no need to follow their lead because quite frankly you would end up breaking the bank to host a party of that magnitude and you could easily use that money for your future pursuits. You don’t have to be rich to celebrate your sixteenth birthday; try to get your friends and family together. Make some custom tee-shirts for all the attendees, put together a delicious spread of home made food, some happening music and you should have the most talked about event in the neighborhood.

Custom Tee-Shirts For Debutantes

Debutante’s ball is generally celebrated in the UK; it was a common practice in the country for noblemen to host such an event for their daughter. Young men of marrying age would be invited to the party and they would all dance with the debutante and eventually thing would lead to a courtship and marriage with one of them. In simple words this sort of an open market, but that was ages ago. Today this is just a fun way to commemorate a young girl’s foray into adulthood. There are several protocol events in this celebrations; for instance, the 18 roses , where18 young men dance with the girl one at a time and they give her 18 roses; then there is the special father and daughter dance and finally, all the girls in the party share their joyful experiences and special relationships with the birthday girl. Again, use custom tee-shirts here for your friends and family so that you don’t get into the mad dash of turning your special day into pricey event.
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Chick Corea Elektric Band – Beneath The Mask (full album) (Sun Jazz Radio)

1. Beneath The Mask 0:00
2. Little Things That Count 3:33
3. One Of Us Is Over 40 7:23
4. A Wave Goodbye 12:21
5. Lifescape 17:08
6. Jammin E. Cricket 22:21
7. Charged Particles 29:15
8. Free Step 34:36
9. 99 Flavors 42:23
10. Illusions 46:20

1,3,6,10 written by corea/patitucci/weckl
2 written by weckl/patitucci
4 written by corea/weckl
5,7,8,9 written by chick corea

cd audio format (44100 hz,16 bit pcm)

chick corea (p,kbs)
dave weckl (d)
john patitucci (b)
frank gambale (g)
eric marienthal (s)

released in 1991

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