Three Reasons Why Real Estate is Still a Great Career

Recent years have seen the sub-prime mortgage explosion, plummeting home prices, a record number of foreclosures, and agents leaving the profession in droves. And, while all of this is certainly true, it is actually good news for the agents who remain. Don’t believe it? Here are three reasons that real estate is still a great career.

The first reason a career in real estate is still a great move is that many of the speculators and questionable prospects have been flushed out of the market leaving mostly serious and qualified buyers. Almost every agent has stories of working endless hours dragging around questionable clients looking at property they could not afford.

The second reason remaining agents should be grateful they stuck with it is because of the many agents who did not. So many of the agents who have left the profession were only doing a few deals a year anyway and the net result of their leaving is that the agents who remain have a better chance of working enough deals to make a decent living. What this means for the agents who have stayed is more prospects with less competition.

Finally, as the internet has matured and become an integral part of the home shopping experience, many people predicted the end of the real estate agent but this seems far from how things have turned out. While it is true that nearly everyone begins their search for a home online, this is only the first step in a process that culminates with the buyer contacting an agent. And, because these buyers have already seen for themselves what the market looks like, they are much easier to work with.

Contrary to what you may have heard, working as a real estate agent is still a profitable, rewarding, and worthwhile career. And, not only is this so despite the current economy, but also because of it.