Three solo piano concerts for Enrico Zanisi, guest at Islay Jazz Festival from September 11th -13th.

Three solo piano concerts for Enrico Zanisi, guest at Islay Jazz Festival from September 11th -13th.

The Italian pianist, increasingly in demand abroad and already much appreciated in the U.K., comes back to Scotland after the success of the solo piano concert he performed at The Edinburgh Jazz Festival last year.

Enrico Zanisi, winner of the Top Jazz Award 2012 and the Siae Award 2014, is one of the most appreciated Italian young pianists.
He graduated with honours in both classic and jazz music at the Conservatorio (University of Music) and when growing up he would spend hours listening to bands like Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Enrico Zanisi that have surely influenced his way of making music..
His technical mastery of the instrument and his wide and varied musical background enable him to play with extraordinary ease and awareness.
It is the story of the young, outgoing, talented musician that wants to go on believing in what he does.
After a number of countless concerts and gigs in the music clubs in Rome, Enrico was initially noticed by a journalist who, impressed by the young talented pianist, decided to introduce him to a record producer.

Enrico has played throughout Italy in many important Festivals including Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival, Umbria Jazz Winter and Umbria Jazz, Auditorium Parco della Musica, European Jazz Expo etc.
Enrico has also played in Brazil, India, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Albania, Norway, at the Tanjazz Festival in Morocco, at the Tabarka Jazz Festival in Tunisia, in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, at the Garana Jazz Festival in Romania, at the Jamboree Jazz Festival in Warsaw, at the 12 Points Festival in Dublin and at the Edimburgh Jazz and Blues Festival.
Thanks to these concerts, he has become a new star of European Contemporary Jazz and the “international sound ” of his music is now appreciated by people all over the world.
Together with the Italian saxophonist Mattia Cigalini, Enrico Zanisi has recently released his latest CD “Right Now” (Cam Jazz).

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