Three Steps To Learning Japanese Effectively

If you’re visiting Japan for business or for leisure, studying the language is an important option to take. The good news is that there are clear ways for you to start learning Japanese effectively. Here are the steps towards full proof language education.

Step 1: Take courses and watch movies.

The best first step to take is to take short courses while you are still in your own country. This, after all, is the only real option that you have available to you. There are many online websites that sell courses specifically to teach foreigners Japan’s language.

Courses aren’t enough. To truly retain concepts, memorize grammar principles and apply proper honorifics, you need someone to model after. If there isn’t anyone you know who speaks the tongue well enough to practice with, you should take a look at popular movies made by Japan’s finest. These visual renditions will give you a glimpse of how actual native speakers pronounce words and use specific phrases.

Perhaps the best films to check are those from Akira Kurosawa whose films are most accessible in the west. Rashomon and The Seven Samurai are two of his most popular movies. Since these are highly commended works of art, you will find various western translations and analysis that will help you study better.

Step 2: Go to Japan and learn there.

The advice to learn Japanese in Japan may seem like an unusual suggestion to you. There is nothing more effective for language education though than to actually put yourself in the spot where the native speakers are. This is simply the best way to absorb and understand cultural context.

The experience doesn’t have to cost you a lot. There are now programs for citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Denmark and Germany to name a few that permit finding and getting work in Japan while on a vacation. This is an excellent opportunity for you to take considering that you will get to observe how the language is used not just for casual conversations but for formal set-ups as well. This will give you a good chance to understand the proper applications of keigo or honorifics which are essential to learning
Japanese effectively.

Step 3: Enroll in a local course in Japan.

The highest phase of learning is to enroll in a local school to learn the language. You don’t have to do this considering that all you may need is enough proficiency to communicate with co-workers and customers. If you’re serious about becoming an expert speaker though, you need the help of a qualified local language teacher. Among the things you can learn from a native teacher are the finer distinctions or levels of polite speech, specific counters for group categories, different terms for borrowed words and proper use of honorific titles. Local schools can charge above 200,000 yen for premium lessons.

Definitely, learning Japanese is not easy but these three steps can give you a definite direction. Follow these as faithfully as you can and you will be able to start speaking just as well as the locals. SABUNG AYAM