Three Types Of Products Are Brand Promotion Award Shuaikang “triple Crown” – Shuaikang,

September 4, the domestic Kitchen Electric Shuaikang group leader held in Yuyao, Zhejiang “Shuaikang three products awarded the China Top Brand news conference” to announce its product range hood was just issued by the State “2005 China Top Brand”, and announced that it is Shuaikang

Water heater , Gas stoves were given in 2002, 2004, “Chinese famous brand” honor, the range hood products Shuaikang was the third “Chinese famous brand.”

Kitchen appliance manufacturers in China on 1000,
Competition Very intense, Shuaikang from a small workshop-type businesses, to today’s kitchen and bath industry

Leadership Brand , The first brand-name success, “Triple Crown”, why not?
Reporters at a news conference learned Shuaikang the early 90s from the last century into the hood area, the on set of “brand and the quality of synchronization,

Talent And career had ” Operate Philosophy, depending on the quality of life, production and testing equipment necessary for the introduction of the provisions of international advanced equipment, strict control of raw materials is also relevant, sought to use the best domestic and international best raw materials, and implemented a zero defect quality management policy?? Even if the quality of compliance, If the appearance of obvious defects, the product will be regarded as substandard products … … so Shuaikang quality brands such as Shuaikang constantly moving from good to great.

Shuaikang quality is the cornerstone of development, the continuous development of talent is Shuaikang protection. Shuaikang talent and career management concepts together under the guidance of the role of talent, has introduced a large number of excellent R & D and technical personnel, and therefore the patent was 120. 1993 China’s first deep-type range hood in Shuaikang born, and the first one to produce the industry forming a totally enclosed “free washable” range hood, Shuaikang has led the hood nine technological breakthrough.

The late 90s of last century, Shuaikang will
Strategy Eyes from the smoke production toward a wider area, to develop a large and diverse strategy, has set foot in stoves, water heaters,

Disinfection Cabinets, Cupboard And other products, drawing smoke products mature
Operation Mode, from a technical and quality control the market and the core part of the high points, not only successfully won the market, but also in the “do one, fine one” and thought, worked in the field of gas stoves and water heaters to create the first multiple technologies, such as first eccentric burner gas stove design, leading the whole stretch of stove body design, first anti-tempering technology and automatic flame failure protection devices, leading

Water Heater Intelligent control technology and early warning technology, anti-power wall, all came out top in the industry, lead the technological innovation.

Pays off. 2002,2004,2005 Shuaikang has won on water heater, gas stove and range hood, “Chinese famous brand” honor, reflecting the Shuaikang higher status in the industry, showing Shuaikang product quality and brand are consistent efforts to synchronize the development of forward. SABUNG AYAM