Thrilling fauna found in Indonesia

Are you a lover of wild animals? Do you love visiting parks just to have a glimpse of these animals? You will discover that Indonesia is home to a huge variety of different types of wild animals. In Sumatra as well as Borneo Islands, you will find elephants while Java Island boasts of its exceptional type of rhinos. You will also find other different kinds of animals that are scattered all over Indonesia, and these include crocodiles, wild oxen, leopards, lizards, snakes, tigers, and a small number of monkeys that are found all over the archipelago. Most of the tourists visiting Komodo Island are mostly excited by the orang-utans and the birds that are found there. The national park of West Bali, which is located between Bali Island and Lombok, is an ideal place to watch the birds, even though you cannot be allowed to visit without the assistance of an official guide.

You can be in a position to stay for over 12 hours in the national park if you have a guide, and you can even request to spend the night there. Other endemic species are found in the lakes, and especially lake Buyan and Tambingan. On Gunung Batukau Mountain, you can be in a position to see the Taman Burung. Orungutans found in Indonesia are two species, and these are the Sumatra Malay orangutans and the Borneo orangutans. Once you visit the Leuser National Park, which is found in Sumatra, you can see the Sumatra orang-utans since they move freely through the jungle. At the Tanjung Puting National Park, which is reached through Klotok Sekonyer, you can find the Borneo orang-utans. The Komodo dragon is the other animal that interests tourists visiting Indonesia. This dragon is seen as the most celebrated endemic species of Indonesia. This lizard is found in the National Park of Komodo, and is known to be the largest lizard found in the world today.

The Komodo dragon, which is listed as an endangered species, has a long tail, with a flat head, a length of 3 meters and can weigh up to 140 kilograms. Tourists who have had the opportunity to visit this Asian archipelago can talk about all the plants and animals with a lot of enthusiasts. If you wish to see all the fascinating flora and fauna of Indonesia, it is time to visit the famous country. You should not wait to here from those who have been there, because they cannot explain to the way you can see it yourself. Visit this extraordinary country without wasting any more time!
Sabung Ayam
2015 Indiana University Asia-Pacific Alumni Conference – Bali, Indonesia

Indiana University Alumni Indonesia Chapter presents:

A video highlight of the three-day alumni conference held in Bali on May 22-24, 2015. The Indonesian Chapter is proud to have more 250 IU alumni from various countries in this grand event. We look forward to seeing you all in Bloomington at the Indiana University Bicentennial Alumni Conference in 2020.

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Sabung Ayam