Tips for a winning a Job interview

Job interviews have always been the most frightening moment in the life of the students. Especially freshers, usually get terrorised with the name of interview.

Students in their schools and colleges are always taught with the basics of dealing with the interviews. But, the students are still carrying the factor of fear, when they go for a Job interview. The candidates going for the interview need to be very well prepared for the same. Resume is the very first thing, which the candidate should work on. A presentable and impressive resume is half the job done; it develops a niche for the candidate in the mind of the interviewer. Formation of a strong resume is the foremost step, towards the success of giving a job winning interview. Clearing the job interview is no less than winning the vacant position to lead the career in the right direction. Therefore the candidates have to prepare very hard to win a job in any of the top organisations of the country.

Following are few of the tips, which would help the candidates in clearing the interview and creating a win- win situation for himself:

1.) Resume Services:The first and the most important step, is the formation of a strong and an impressive resume, which could catch the attention of the employer out of the thousand others. The resume should be short and crisp and should be able to convey more in those short words. There should be mention of the facts about the achievements of the candidate in the resume, which would credit to his calibre.

2.) Research about the employer: Before going to the interview, the candidate should always do a proper research about the employer or the organisation, in which he is going to give the interview. It gives a positive impression on the employer and helps the candidate to answer the trickiest of the questions. A well informed and intellectual employee is always appreciated; therefore, the candidate should always keep himself updated about the general knowledge and the latest happenings in the industry.

3.) Prepare: The candidate should always be well prepared for the job interview and must be ready for all the questions to be asked by the interviewer. Handling the critical situations, should also be the forte of the candidate.

4.) Strengths and weaknesses: The candidate should always assess himself honestly. He must know his strengths and weaknesses, according to which he is able make himself fit to the job role. The strengths should be presented in a way, that the employer feels positive about the utilisation of the candidate’s talent for the respective position.

5.) Never criticise: The candidate should never ever criticize the present office, he is working with at the moment. It gives a bad impression on the interviewer and decreases the chances of selection for the candidate. Rather than cursing the environment in the previous office, the candidate should focus on the career aspirations, which he is not able to achieve being a part of the current organisation.

6.) Be confident: Confidence is the key for winning the job interview. If the candidate is nervous, then it can land him to troubles, therefore he should always be cool minded and should carry an optimistic behaviour. The candidate should act himself, and should never try and copy someone. Originality adds a lot to the chances of the candidate for winning the job.

Other than all the above mentioned points, the candidate should always be properly dressed and should carry a smile on his face. Good Communications skills and the ability to present himself in an encouraging way, credits to his probability of getting selected for the respective job.