Tips For Building A Chicken Coop

Are you going to raise chickens? That is a very good way to enjoy fresh eggs. They will need a place to live and move around. Here is some information on building a chicken coop.

Can you legally own chickens where you live? Be certain by checking with your local ordinances. There may be restrictions, also. Do you have enough land? You do not want to build a new coop and then tear it down, or change it.

How many chickens do you wish to have? This will have an effect on the size of your coop. Do you want your own eggs? Maybe the chickens are going to be fryers? This could affect how you build your housing structure.

Carefully plan your structure. It is best to put it on paper. Do you want windows? What type of doorway will you use? How tall will the coop be? Do not forget to have adequate roost and nest areas. What type of roof will you make? You can put a simple, slanted roof. You can construct a peaked roof.

Are you going to start with baby chicks? If so, you will need some special equipment. Young chicks need to be kept dry and warm. You will have to keep the temperature monitored closely. They need special food also.

Check your property. Perhaps you can turn an old storage shed into a chicken coop. This will be less work and less money. Be certain that the new coop will be on higher ground. Your chickens could get flooded in rainstorms.

Check your yard. Is there any scrap wood? Check with neighbors and friends. Perhaps they have some old wood. Lumberyards may also have recycled wood. You will save a lot of time and money. And it will be good for the environment.

Your chickens will need plenty of space to scratch and move around. If not, they may get stressed. This can lessen egg production. It can also affect their health. Make the area larger than you might think. Perhaps you will have more chickens in the future.

Your chickens have to be secure. Predators cannot be allowed in their coop. Make sure it is sturdy. The birds must also be able to come and go freely. They should have a secure area to exercise in. If you use normal fencing, go over it with chicken wire. If the chickens get out, they will be in immediate danger.

Cover the windows with chicken wire, for extra security. Make sure that the chickens cannot fly over your fence. You may have to clip their wings to prevent this.

Your structure should have a strong and sturdy foundation. For a larger structure, you may wish to pour some concrete. You may be able to use fence posts in the corners also.


Raising your own chickens can be very satisfying. Make sure that you do your homework first. Check local ordinances and plan your work ahead of time. Building your own chicken coop may not be too much trouble and expense.
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