Tips for Chicken Coop Construction

Having a chicken coop in your backyard may be a profitable idea, but there are a few guidelines you must follow to be successful with this venture. If you don’t, it is most likely that your chickens will not lay eggs and you will become frustrated. Here are the factors you must be aware of.

Positioning the Coop

This is the first thing you should take into account before you begin construction. You want to position the chicken coop in a spacious area, where the chicken are exposed to the maximum amount of sunlight and fresh breeze they can get. If they are unable to get this, they will not be happy with the coop and will therefore not lay as many eggs. Of course, there are many areas which do not have as much sunlight as others, so a better option in that situation will be to install electric bulbs in the coop. The basic idea is to ensure that the chickens do not remain in darkness for the larger part of the day.

Coop Dimensions

Another important aspect is the size of the coop. Chickens are extremely picky when it comes to comfort and if they are not happy with the coop size, they will surely make it obvious. Furthermore, if you don’t take into consideration the size of the chicken coop in relation with how many chickens you want to have, you may end up with a too large or even too small space, and both of these will cause problems.

If you intend to have a portable coop, keeping it small will be a better idea. However, if you want a large coop, then it is advisable to search for plans online which have a run included in them so that your chickens can get some exercise as well as fresh air.

Climate and Flooring Choice

The third thing you must look into is choosing between the options of flooring for the coop. You can have dried grass, sand or sawdust. Your choice mainly depends on your local climate, for example, sawdust does not do well in rainy climates. Here, a better choice would be sand, as this will drain water efficiently.

Once you have all this factors sorted out, you are ready to go ahead with the construction. There is a multitude of plans available online for you to choose from. Once you have selected what you want, be sure to use quality materials.
Sabung Ayam
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