Tips for E-Mail Backup Before Reformatting the System

You tend to think of reformatting the system if you find

the computer very slow in processing information,
the system infected with virus,
software malfunction,
or if you want to upgrade the operating system

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Reformatting the system will enable you to reset it to factory settings and will make your system as good as new. However, the process can be disastrous if you do not backup your data, since reformatting the system will lead to loss of old data stored in the hard drive. If you are planning to reformat the system you should ensure that you make a backup of the necessary data. Making a backup helps secure your data against data loss to a large extent. Though, it helps you to copy your data to another drive, removable storage device or to service providers it is not a fool proof solution against data loss. Some of the reasons that make your backup ineffective are

Missing out data- when you make a backup you need to select the data that need to be copied. Most of the times, you tend to omit critical data such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. This means that your e-mails, address book, notes, messages, appointments and journal entries will not be accessible after you reformat the system.
Backup methods- Back up methods are time consuming and if you use faulty methods (such as selecting data randomly, selecting programs that are modified recently) the backup will not give the desired results.
Dysfunctional backup- Even though you have used correct backup practices your backup could become dysfunctional if the data gets corrupted or if the storage device used for copying data is damaged.

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You can minimize the threat of data loss from backup by opting for utilities that help you to make a backup efficiently. This is very useful for making backups of Outlook that you tend to miss out very often. Products like Smart E-mail backup will help you to

Copy all data from Outlook such as e-mails, folders, contacts, calendars, journal entries, RSS feeds, mail groups, inbox rules, signatures and even junk folders.
Make periodic backup on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
Backup even password protected files
Make a backup with ease that can be used whenever you need it- after reformatting, to migrate to another version of operating system or Outlook,
Create partition restore points to recover data in case of a data loss situation
Even to restore your Outlook.