Tips For Inch Loss That Actually Work! Do You Have Belly Fat?

Don’t you wish you could eat anything you want and not gain weight and inches on your body?

Don’t you wish that healthier foods ( or should I rephrase that as food better for your body) tasted better?

Don’t you wish you looked like you did back when you were younger? And I don’t mean 10 years old, more like 20 or even early 20’s, your body is done growing, and you can guess what???? Eat anything you want and not gain an inch! I do miss those days, really I do, but with the education I’ve had, the choices I make today and SO much better for me.

First a couple facts you may not like.
1. Our bodies were not designed to eat crap ( such as fast food, sugar, artificial sweetners, processed foods etc) and remain skinny and healthy . It’s just not reality. Sorry! (told ya you might not like some of these)

2. Your body IS a well designed machine, but your engine must be in optimum condition in order to give you optimum performance. And quite frankly last into your golden years above ground!

3. Our society today is going so fast that the mere thought of sitting down and eating (and this does not include driving while eating) has to be scheduled in order to actually happen. Folks, when it’s time to eat, eat. If you inhale your food you are doing your body more harm than good – this is a fact. Your digestive system is just that…….a system. It needs time to work.

O.K – I think I’ve given you enough bad new, how about we concentrate on the good news!

I am going to make some of your wishes come true today. I have some facts you may find, well, I hope interesting and exciting.

1. The best one will be last. But all of these will help you stay healthier, skinnier and really live longer.

2. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake. I know…..I know……we would rather have nachos or a burger and fries. But this is a must if you want it! And I want it! I dare you – the next time you have the “munchies” – to grab a nice cold apple (pink ladies are my favorite) and munch on that. Then wait a few minutes and I bet you are not only not hungry, but your craving for the junk went away after tasting that sweet, juicy apple. Come on, just give it a try for a few days. Then email me with your results.

3. You CAN have FAT! (see I told you this was good news! The key here is to limit yourself to under 2o grams per day.

4. You can eat ALL DAY! Ya, I know! I was shocked to. It’s actually easier on your body to east 5 or 6 small ( now I said small) meals a day instead of 2 or 3 big ones. YA! So go ahead – do it!

5. Move – exercise – even 30 minutes 3 times a week. SOMETHING. Once you get in the “routine” you will feel so much better. Can’t you give up one t.v show and walk instead?? ( or DVR that show for later after your walk!)

6. Increase fiber – that is obvious, but so few do it. Read labels. This is what you are putting IN your body. You only get one, take care of it and feed it well.

7. Water, water water. What do you think your body has a lot of – water. What do you think helps “flush your engine”. Water. If this is hard for you try these couple tips that work for me. Start by just swapping out one of your drinks of choice a day for a nice glass of water. Just one to start. Once you see how easy it is, you will do it again. Now, to my water I add some lemon and some lime. This is a personal choice, but it really helps me to get the water movin’ thru me – if ya know what I mean! LOL

8. Cleanse and detoxify! Do you have any idea how many toxins we are exposed to DAILY? It’s really pretty scary and of course this has an adverse affect on the body! Scary! Now this is the bad new, but as I promised I have GOOD NEWS for you in this area to! You can rid your body of harmful toxins and chemicals while allowing it to function normally! See I have good news! 🙂