Tips For New Users Of Contact Lenses

By and large, the reasons for people to choose contact lenses are very simple, namely, for better convenience, for better personal images and for particular activities. Contact lenses in the market can now be made into different types if seen from different perspectives. If seen from time- daily disposable, two weekly disposables, and monthly disposables and extended wear lenses. If seen from Vision problems- toric lenses and multi-focal lenses. Decoration- colored contact lenses. If seen from materials- soft lenses and hard lenses (RGP). However, People should consult with their eye doctor on which ones are suitable.

For people who have never worn lenses, they should try these lenses for some time. During this time, the opticians will offer some guidance. Before that, an eye check is needed. They will also teach how to insert and remove; how to clean. After that a pair of trial lenses will be used for a week. During this period of time, wearers should visit the opticians regularly. If the lenses work well, people can buy lenses for three months. After that time, people can get a prescription from the eye doctors.

Before inserting lenses, people should make sure their hands are clean and dry and then put the lenses on the palms. Make sure the lenses are well protected. While insetting, people should first pull the upper eye lids with two fingers and hold down the lower lids in the meantime. If so, cover the lenses to the white part of the eye balls, let it naturally slip in. Then close eyes for sometime.

Usually, it is suggested to put one lens before another, so as to avoid mixing mistakes. Of course, new wearers may meet a lot of setbacks, but practice makes perfect. As time goes by, the skill will be nurtured into a habit.

If people want to remove the lenses, they should first make sure that the lenses are in their position- clear vision. After that, pull the lower eyelids and place fingers on the bottom of the lenses. Then, take the lenses gently from the eyes. Still, remove one lens before another.

In addition, the maintenance of these lenses is also very important. Put some lens solution into the lenses when they are put in the palm of one hand. And use another hand to rub carefully. After that, rinse the lenses with the special solution. Finally, place the two lenses in lens solutions in separate rooms. Soak the lenses for several hours, so as to disinfect. While wearing the lenses, rinse the case for sometime. Make sure these lenses are cleaned and rubbed with special solution, never water. Or people may suffer from great eye damage.

In fact, wearers should pay more attention to the wearing time of these lenses, never exceed their duration- the time for each day wear and the whole extend. For example, some lenses can be slept in. But it is better to offer eyes more oxygen.

Contact lenses wearers should also consult with their opticians regularly, like every 12 months (the prescription expiry time) and if they need new prescription or have vision problems, etc. Especially, wearers should contact eye doctors instantly if they feel uncomfortable, or redness, watery eyes and other unusual symptoms. If the problems are too serious, just go to hospital.

After buying contact lenses, wearers should do some regular eye check, pay attention to unusual symptoms, and know how to remove lenses on an emergent occasion and how to contact the nearest opticians.

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