Tips for Picking a Good Movie

Okay, so maybe it’s not that bad, but essentially you have to choose something that’s going to make everyone happy. So lucky you have this wonderful guide with you.
Your Mood, Your Movie
If you’ve been given the “responsibility” of selecting a movie, then there is a bright side – you’ve got control. Your mood can ultimately dictate what genre of film.
* Happy – Go for a comedy, adventure, action or musical
* Thoughtful – If you’re in the mood to be challenged try a thriller, action, crime & gangster, drama, science fiction, or epic historical feature
* Indifferent – Sometimes you just don’t know what you’re feeling, so the best bet is to go for something that has a bit of everything like a comedy, detective & mystery, fantasy, biopics, animations, or chick flick.
* Sad or Distracted – When you’re feeling blue or have your mind on other things, it’s best to keep things light with a positive movie that offers a few laughs or a feel-good theme.
Movie Choice Etiquette
‘Movie Choice What?’ I hear you say. Well, maybe we just made something up and maybe it’s the way of the future. If people can make a blog about car shotgun rules, who’s to say there’s no room for movie choice etiquette?
Your mood will decide the genre of the movie you watch, so being wary of the rest of the people who have to watch the film is always good “movie choice etiquette”.
Choosing For Kids
Everyone loves being the cool parent, the one that lets the little ones slightly get away with things, so if there are kids in the group, choose films that are appropriate for their age, especially if they belong to someone else. That will just come back and bite you ten-fold when they go home and tell their folks that they’ve seen ‘Aliens Director’s Cut’.
Check the Reviews and Starring Actors
If you’re really concerned about the quality of the film, jump online to check the opinions of others who have seen the movie. While critic reviews are sometimes helpful, it is usually the “real people” ratings that offer a fair appraisal of the film. In some cases, a good movie will often generate a good “buzz” anyway – so if you feel like you’ve heard about the movie and can’t quite remember where it’s from, it’s probably been in the media for all the right reasons…sometimes, though, it could be for all the wrong reasons (remember ‘Waterworld’? Neither do I, but it’s a name etched into the Stone of Bad – another thing I maybe just made up like ‘Movie Choice Etiquette’).
Finally, look at the stars – it’s a good way of measuring whether it is going to be a quality film, as the big-league actors are very selective as to which projects they sign onto, except Robert DeNiro, he’s really sold himself out these days. Maybe Samuel L. Jackson, too, but it’s a no-brainer he sold out…why else would you be in a movie with Hayden Christiansen, or Christian Haydensen, I can never remember.
If all else fails and you’re just not confident with selecting a good film, turn to the Disney section. After all, everyone will have seen these classics and undoubtedly enjoy reliving their childhood, if only for a few hours.
Sabung Ayam
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