Tips for Solo Women Travellers on Bulgaria Holidays

The culture here is very male-dominated you will be much less likely to be harassed by a local with ill intentions than a male traveller would be.

Solo female travellers should have no problem travelling safety through most of Eastern Europe, but if you are a female planning your Bulgaria Holidays you might want to read these helpful tips before leaving on your trip.

Realize that by travelling alone you are breaking the norm. Most Eastern European women would never travel by themselves and would likely travel with their boyfriend, husband, parents or friends. This doesnt put you in any danger during your Bulgaria Holidays, but understand that this is why you most locals will find what you are doing very usual and confusing. Dont be surprised if you get a lot of strange looks and questions.

When you are going out for a night out on your Bulgaria Holidays, be sure to go with a group of friends from your hostel or tour group. Solo females on the dance floor in a bar or a club will be perceived as prostitutes, and you dont want to give that sort of impression.

Unlike in the Middle East, it is perfectly acceptable in Bulgaria to wear feminine clothing which might be somewhat revealing and show off your legs and arms. Feel free to wear those pretty little sundresses while enjoying your Bulgaria Holiday. Remember that Eastern European women are very fashionable, so to fit in you will want to leave the jeans and trainers at home and dress it up a bit!

It is a good idea to avoid smiling and making eye contact with men you dont know, especially in a bar or nightclub situation. Most Eastern European men will perceive this as an invitation, even if you tell them no. If you are being hassled by a man who you are not interested in, be polite but firm and tell him to leave you alone.

Chivalry and chauvinism go hand in hand. You will enjoy how romantic and courteous the Bulgarian men are who open doors and pull out chairs for you. However, you will also get frustrated with men acting like they are superior to women. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that it is just part of the culture and nothing personal, and dont let it ruin your Bulgaria Holidays !

Women in Eastern Europe will almost always be married before the age of 25. If you are older than this and not married, be prepared for an endless supply of questions about where your husband is and offers to set you up with a nice young man. If you are a female solo traveller heading out on Bulgaria Holidays , remember these tips and have a great time exploring this beautiful country!
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