Tips to Design a Logo for a newbie

If you decide that you’d like to give logo design a go, but have no idea where to start, then hopefully my handy hints will give you some idea’s of where to start. Hopefully with my tips you’ll be on your way to creating perfect logo’s in no time at all.


The most important thing about logo design is concepts. There will be a perfect concept out there for each project you work on, the key is to find it. The best way to do this will be to brainstorm, use Google image searches, write down keywords, use a mind map, whatever works best for you. Just make sure you get everything you think of down on a piece of paper.


Every idea you have make a sketch of, it doesn’t matter where you  are or what your doing, if you have an idea for something, sketch it. It won’t take you long, and will keep the idea fresh. By sketching you can also create variations of ideas very quickly.


Your going to need to know what the purpose of the logo is, and in what instances it will be required for use.. It might look great on one thing, but awful on another. You’ll also want to make sure it looks good in different sizes, as it may not stay the same size constantly.


Always use the best professional software available. As much as you may be tempted to start on basic editing software such as photoshop, just don’t. Mastering the right software is key to creating perfect logo’s.


You’ll want to keep it as simple as possible. The simpler your design is, the more memorable and effective it will be. It will look a lot better, and remember, if the logo is used very small you may not be able to see any fine detail you put into it!


Remember to try out the logo in a variety of different colours as well. Logo’s are constantly being changed colour, so if the logo you design only looks good in one colour, its not going to stand the test of time. Make sure it looks great in as many colours as possible.


Last of my tips is to test your logo with some surrounding text. Its best if you ask for a sample of what text might be used alongside it, to see what it looks like. If it doesn’t work with text, then again it won’t stand the test of time.


And these it is, my simple hints to designing the perfect logo. But don’t forget to be original, its not really about following a guide, its about being original!