Tips to Improve Your Skin with Toning Techniques

Successfully toning your skin depends on your normal skin care system and the reaction of your skin to toning product. If your skin is oily the use of toner probably gives you a fresh, clean feeling; by contrast if you have dry skin, a toner may have left you feeling too tight and pulled close to your bone structure. Both of these are normal reactions to toners and should be considered when applying toner for the first time. The fresh feeling will allow you to place toner into your lineup of skin care products used regularly; the pulled feelings mean that perhaps you should just stick with exfoliating on a regular basis and leave the toner alone. Most toners contain alcohol that reacts with your skin type to promote these reactions; it is best to avoid toners that contain alcohol. If toning is something you believe would improve the appearance of your skin; then try this toner made with organic ingredients.


Natural Toners


Dry Skin Toners

Mix two tablespoons of lemon juice with one tblsp. Glycerin, add in three tblsp of rose water. Rub gently into the skin.


Sensitive Skin Toner


Mash a handful of strawberries to form a paste. Apply to your face as a mask and leave on for 15 minutes, and rinse off.


Normal Skin Toner


Cucumber skin toner- Chop up a small fresh cucumber and puree with a ½ cup of yogurt. Use as a facial mask for 10 minutes. Clean off and rinse thoroughly.


These topical skin toners remove makeup, and all traces of oils and dirt, and rejuvenate the face by closing the pores. Toning is not required for everyone; but it does wonders for those with oily skin who use it on a regular basis. You can also use Vitamin E, rose oil, and wheat oil as toners.


Toners do not own a popular place in our daily skin care treatments like they once did. Yet they do provide a purpose as they recondition our skin, and balance out the natural oils. Toners exist for both oily and dry skin. Dry skin toners contain higher levels of glycerin and less or no alcohol. Toners work to cool, nourish the skin, and remove any skin particles cleansing left behind. They also tighten up your skin and close any skin pores that opened up during cleansing; this is the tight feeling you experience. You will feel refreshed and clean and ready to embrace your younger feeling face.


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