Titleist 910 D2 Driver Review

Finally the latest Titleist 910 D2 Drivers and D3 Drivers have arrived, which is great news for golfers who are looking to improve their overall driving performance by increasing distance, accuracy and control off of the tee.

Titleist have one goal in mind when they create their new products, which is to utilize the very latest technologies and produce a new design that offers golfers an improved level of performance to that of its previous generation, which in the case of the Titleist 910 D2 Driver and D3 Driver was the Titleist 909 Driver series.

By using the latest evolutionary technologies Titleist have introduced a driver that offers golfers the essential ingredients they are all craving which are Speed for greater distance potential and Stability for accuracy and control.

Patented Surfeit Tour Technology – this is what really sets the new 910 drivers apart from the crowd. The patented Surfeit Tour Technology offers golfers the ability to independently set the loft and lie angles on the clubhead, with up to 16 different combinations.

This dual-angle hostel technology enables you to optimize both the launch trajectory and the shape of your drives. There are other new models out there that offer excellent directional control by using adjustable face angle technology but none seem to offer the opportunity to effectively adjust the launch angle independently.

Fast Face Insert Technology – using this technology the Titleist 910 D2 Driver maximizes ball speed by increasing the effective hitting area by up to 15% on the previous models. They achieve this by varying the thickness across the entire clubface so that there is a thicker central portion that is equidistant from all points of the face perimeter.

Optimized Weight Distribution – Titleist have also optimized weight distribution by lowering the driver’s center of gravity and moving it further back in the clubhead. They have done this through thinning the crown of the clubhead by 17%, and creating a more sloped rear crown profile.

They have also included a new swing weight screw located more towards the back end of the clubhead sole. This helps to create more stability, this is as good as the callaway x-22 irons, for better direction control, as there is less clubhead twisting at the moment of impact.

The main difference between the Titleist 910 D2 Driver and the Titleist 910 D3 Driver is that the 910 D2 Driver has a larger clubhead at 460cc which offers more forgiveness, and the 910 D3 Driver has a smaller clubhead at 445cc with a slightly deeper face, which offers additional shot and trajectory control (probably more suited to the highly skilled golfers out there).

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