Tizo 3 Solar Protection ? The Best Protection From Sun

‘Prevention is better than cure.’  As such, scientific research too has proven, the use of a sunscreen is a prerequisite for solar protection. Development of branded company –based skin products is on the upward trend as a result of the notably growing concern for solar protection and its relative association with skin diseases. The breaking news is that the distinguished, hundred per cent exclusive mineral based sun block Tizo 3 Solar Protection is the answer with par excellence.
Why pick Tizo 3 Solar Protection? Using this daily can offer you many advantages. The 100 per cent mineral based Solar Protection Tizo is known for its content of sun-protection properties of Titanium, Zinc and Iron Oxide, which make it the most exclusive solar protection product. Moreover the product’s remarkable SPF 40 sunscreen technology is highly recommended under make-up for daily use.   The newest additions to the exclusive range is the Tizo 3 which has an exceptionally smooth matte finish; elegant, free of any soggy oils that give a squelchy look and even  a fragrance free formula. 
Tizo 3 Tinted Formulation SPF 40 is sure to make you look glamorous all day. While many products under the brand of Solar Protection Tizo are water resistant, colorless and light, silky translucent and fragrance free it is the quality of use which speaks volumes of its solar protection properties for sensitive skin. Tizo 2 Light Skin Formulation Facial Mineral Fusion SPF 40 is also known for its unique matte finish on any skin type or complexion with UVA/UVB light protection .An interesting news that helps is that your lip, which is one of the worst exposed parts of your body to the sun, can be given protection of the highest degree. Your lips wouldn’t go dry as they used to, if you make use of chemical free formula named Solar Protection LIPTECT SPF 45.
Among some of the best sellers, Solar Protection Tizo has its Obagi ELASTIderm Eye Cream, used as a night cream with anti-ageing properties which replenishes the skin around the eye overnight and leaves it looking absolutely lively in the morning.  A popular sell out and much sort after product, Solar Protection Tizo, also has on offer a simple one step use 30g small silver deep cleansing soap Cor that removes make-up, kills bacteria, moisturizes and minimizes wrinkles while acting as a UV protection and Neova DNA Total Repair, one of the most advanced therapeutic skin repair products which acts as a DNA repair for UV damaged skin. All Tizo 3 products are tested and proven to blend perfectly with all skin types. 
Solar Protection Tizo in addition to the wide range of products on offer also have some sweet deals which you could avail yourself of. One is the Colorescience Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Gift Set, emphasizing the use of make-up for a cause. In it is an absolutely feminine Pink Mineral Blush Cheek Shade with a long lasting natural look, the serum Mist Type sun protection mineral powder from Colorescience Pro to keep you looking vibrant all day. Also on offer are the Beauty Bundles, buy one get one free and the total range of much sort after men’s care.