Tools For Building a Chicken Run

So hopefully you are here because you are interested in becoming a chicken owner, whether it is for eggs, meat or just the fact that they are amazingly fun pets to have and make great gardeners. Like all pets, you need to make sure your chickens are healthy, happy and are safe from outside threats. A key component to make sure all you accomplish all of these things is having a proper chicken run. Before building your run you need to gather the right materials and tools, so hopefully I can help you with that in this article.

Your location will play a large role in what kinds of chickens you should be raising, how many chickens you can legally own and even if you are allowed to have chickens at all. If you live in Hawaii you probably won’t need at much protection from the weather as you would if you lived in Massachusetts. The same goes for the breed of chicken you should be buying, there are certain chickens that are great in the cold weather and others who will not survive. So before you get ahead of yourself, figure out what breeds you need for your location and also if you live in a city where there might be restrictions on owning livestock, find out how many chickens you can legally own and if you need a permit for your coop.

The place where you construct your pen must be safe and sturdy enough to withstand any predator’s mark. It should be constructed in a way that your poultry are not easily snatched not only by scavengers but also by people who are pretty much interested in chicken stew. They must be protected and locked-in, especially at night.
What is a post and wire type of pen? It is by far the simplest kind of design wherein materials like posts, strong wires, fence staples are used. The tools needed to help you complete the job are the ordinary hammer, wire cutters, crowbar and sledgehammer. Gathering these materials are the very first thing you have to do upon planning.
Fence post can’t be bought one at a time but in bundles. If you became worried that the excess lumbers will go to waste once the fence is finished, worry no more. This is because fence posts can be used in incredible purposes like supporting beams for sheds. Chicken wire is usually used. But for safety purposes a stucco wire is stronger and is more recommended for holding building sides.

There are really no actual fence staples, that is why the local staples used for wiring can be used as an alternative. Skimping the staples should not be stressed. You need a lot while construction is ongoing and also additional supplies in cases of emergencies. The sledgehammer is used to pound the post into the soil. Weight is the first thing that you have to take note of when choosing a sledgehammer. Make sure that it is not too heavy that you can’t lift it up and not too light that you will need to exert all your efforts just to pound your post. The crowbar is used for digging a hole where the pole will be placed. Lastly, the regular hammer will be useful for those hardheaded staple wires to dig in the posts.
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