Top 10 Must Haves For A Successful eBay Ad

Your eBay ad or listing is your salesman. It is what influences your prospective buyer to bid on your auction or not. To create a successful eBay listing, you need to include 10 specific items.

1. A great title

The most important part of your eBay listing is your title. The title is where most buyers will search on, so it needs keyword search terms as part of it. The title is also the only thing they will see when presented with a list of search results. It needs to grab their attention.

2. A Complete and Clear Description

Your description is another important part of your listing. Your description should be complete, describing the item as best you can making sure to list any flaws or defects or any other detail that your buyer would want to know about.

3. List of features

A list of features is expected. Describe the unique and wonderful features of your product.

4. List of benefits

A list of features is worthless without a list of benefits. Every feature you listed should have a corresponding benefit. The features describe the unique properties of the item. The benefits describe how each of those properties will help the customer.

5. Great Pictures

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. On eBay it might even be more than that. Good clear, in focus, close ups, showing details is the way to present your item in photographs. If you are selling ebooks or other information products then you need to have a good graphical representations such as a graphic showing your ebook cover.

6. Clear, Concise and Reasonable Shipping Policy

Nothing will turn a buyer off faster than ridiculous shipping charges. Have a clearly defined shipping policy stating exactly what options the winning bidder will have available. clearly stating each options cost.

7. Clear and Concise Payment Information

You should have clear payment instructions. You should list how you expect to get paid, how soon you expect to be paid and all the options the buyer has upon completion of the auction.

8. Flexible Payment opportunities

Flexible payment options will enhance your chances of concluding a successful auction. Most sellers accept PayPal as that is the preferred method on eBay. You should be willing to accept money orders as well.

9. Clear guarantee and return policy

Nothing increases your chances of selling your item like a good solid money back guarantee. Offer a guarantee. Describe completely your return policy including how much of the cost will be returned, whether shipping will be reimbursed, how long they have to return the items, under what conditions they can return items and list any specific policies you will adhere to such as prior notification of a return.

10. Why They Should Buy From You

Lastly, your listing should have some compelling reasons why that bidder should do business with you as opposed to all the other sellers out there. You must show how your prospective buyer will benefit by doing business with you.

Writing a good listing is essential to maximizing your success on eBay. Be sure to include all of the components that are listed here. If you do and you have a good quality product at a reasonable starting price, you will have successful auctions.