Top 10 Surf Camp Destinations Wordwide: Independent Research

Here, I have researched top 10 surf camp destinations. It is just a short description of the voted surfing destinations. The research is taken from other research sites and from the research made by most of the travel websites.

The following are the list of the 10 surfing areas in the world voted by surfers and travelers.

1. California surf camps – The Pacific Coast Highway that runs the length of California’s coast provides easy access to hundreds of surfing spots and waves for everyone, from beginners to professionals.

2. France’s West Coast surf camps- France is blessed with two beautiful coasts but it’s the West coast that surfers love for its quality waves and stunning beaches.

3. Costa Rica Surf camps – Costa Rica’s more popular beaches have been surfing destinations for decades. However for the opportunity to catch rides that will make your legs ache it is well worth the journey.

4. Mexico surf camps – The locals are friendly & generous, the vibe seriously laid back, the water is warm and crystal clear and the waves are sweet.

5. Madeira camps- This picturesque island sits alone west of Casablanca and is able to capture the powerful swells coming out of the North Atlantic.

6. Australia camps – Australia’s Sunshine Coast, along the Pacific Ocean, attracts surfers from around the world for its different types of waves and secluded beaches.

7. Bali surf camps – Surfers who travel to this exotic destination enjoy surf created by the southeast trade winds from March through November.

8. Florida camps- Cocoa Beach sits on the Sunshine State’s Atlantic Coast and offers surfers great waves as well as a more cosmopolitan lifestyle than other surfing destinations. . If magnificence vacations are your worry along with great surfing then the beaches of Florida are just true, particularly the Cocoa beach.

9. Hawaii camps – Whether you are looking for big surf on Hawaii’s North Shore or beginner waves on Waikiki, Hawaii has excellent surfing for everyone.

10. Portugal surf camps – Europeans make their way to Portugal’s spectacular coast year-round for its variety of waves.

You can find the same information in most of the surf camp report sites but these is a comprehensive digest of all the reports. Please be aware that the ranking from 1 to 10 is not in order. Hope you have made the right decision for your next surfing camp. Enjoy!
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