Top 4 Tips to Explore Cambodia on a Solo Trip

Cambodia is a Southeast Asian nation that has low-lying plains and ruins of largest religious structure in the world. Traveling solo to Cambodia is now very easy because of a visa upon arrival facility. This facility makes visiting Cambodia a hassle free and convenient for almost anyone like from budget to solo travelers to enjoy high-end luxury holiday or adventurous vacation.

In this article, we are going to discuss some useful tips, which will make your Cambodia visit as a single traveler a successful and exciting one. Please read on!

#Cambodia Solo Travel Tip 1- Buy a local SIM at the airport:

Here in Cambodia making international and local calling is cheap. So, buy buying a local SIM in a legal way, you will get an opportunity to stay connected internationally and locally as well as will enjoy the benefits of a good 3G speed.

#Cambodia Solo Travel Tip 2- Explore Magnificent Temples:

Sight of massive stone faces, miniature scale and intricate carvings of beautiful Angkor temples will offer an overwhelming experience. The temples are simply fascinating that offers an extraordinary allure. At Siem Reap Province in Cambodia, you will find Ta Prohm- a stunning Angkor temple, which is built in Bayon style and offers a view of dynamic interaction between nature and man-made art.

#Cambodia Solo Travel Tip 3- Indulge in Shopping:

You can fulfill your shopping interest by exploring two commercial centers in Cambodia to buy souvenirs, silks, handicrafts and curios. Whereas by visiting the traditional market of Cambodia, you will get unlimited opportunities like Angkorian and Buddhist themed carvings, hand-pounded silverwork and statuary.

#Cambodia Solo Travel Tip 4- Opt for a Cycle Tour:

In Cambodia, the sight of tuk-tuk as a mode of transportation is common. Apart from car hire, most travelers are fond of renting a cycle or two-wheeler to explore best destinations and hot-spots of Cambodia. For every solo traveler riding on a cycle will prove to be the most convenient one to explore great locals and meet with friendly peoples while winding through lush green valleys.


Most of the travelers believe that to enjoy a memorable Cambodia adventure tour, one should always rely on a reputable tour operator. In case, you need to book a well planned and guided Cambodia bike tour then it will be wise to select a licensed international tour operator who will ensure of a safe and exciting trip.
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