Top 5 American Drinks & Sodas

Here in the UK it is becoming easier and easier to source American food and drink, especially from online retailers. This is not only good news for those American citizens who have moved over here and miss their home comforts, but for us British people who want to sample a taste of America but can’t make it over the pond for whatever reason!

There are many high profile brand names us Brits immediately associate with the USA, especially when it comes to drinks. There are also types of drinks that we just don’t have over here or just aren’t popular enough to have entered the collective consciousness, such as root beer.

Here we list the top five drinks from the United States that are now available in this country.

1) Mountain Dew

One of the most popular drinks in America, Mountain Dew is a citrus flavoured, caffeinated soft drink made by PepsiCo, though it is a brand in its own right. It was once sold in the UK by Pepsi back in the 1990s but it was pulled due to poor sales. It is a bright yellow-green colour and tastes very sweet.

Generally sold in cans in packs of one, six, 12 or 24, Mountain Dew is also available in Diet form, Code Red (cherry flavour) and Voltage (raspberry and ginseng).

2) A&W Root Beer

There are several different brands of root beer available in the UK now but A&W appears to be the most popular. Other brands include Barq’s, IBC and Mug.

The best way to serve an root beer is with a scoop of vanilla ice cream added to it to make an authentic Root Beer Float. It tastes delicious and you can get that real American taste in the UK right now.

3) Gatorade

Those familiar with American Football and the NFL will know the brand name Gatorade very well. The non-carbonated drink was originally designed as a sports drink, much like Lucozade in the UK, but is now consumed as an alternative to fizzy soft drinks. Gatorade comes in a massive range of flavours including lemon and lime, fruit punch, melon, orange and cool blue. It is also available in powdered format.

Alongside Mountain Dew it is one of the most well known American drinks in the UK.

4) Minute Maid

Slightly less well known than Gatorade or Mountain Dew, Minute Maid is nevertheless a big name in its own right in the States. This non-carbonated drink is made from real lemons and is the perfect refreshing drink for a hot summer’s day – even in the UK! It is also available in pink lemon, for those who like to experiment a bit!

5) Kool Aid

Another big American brand name, Kool Aid comes in powdered form or in cartons like our own Capri-Sun drinks. You simply add water and sugar to taste to the powdered version.

What is remarkable about Kool Aid is the sheer number of flavours on the market. Orange, lemonade, cherry, tropical punch, grape…the list is endless and even includes mandarina tangerine!

All these drinks – and many more as it happens – are available from specialist stockists in the UK today. Why not have a look at what’s available and try a few yourself.