Top 5 Google Search Stats Each E-Marketing Owner Should Know

Generally speaking, the year in review “stuff” from search engines must have something to do with business and e-marketing. When these lists may seem interesting for about half a second it really doesn’t do much for the SMB who is looking to get more business from their website presence. Google always likes to play the game for telling us in early December what the most searched terms were and more but they wait until the start of January to tell the business users some important stats that could affect how they look at the engine.

As we have seen that organic search is of utmost important for any business and e-marketing.  Here are some more datas that come directly from the Official Google blog describing things of interest to those using the search engine to fuel their own revenue engine. Do you know that?

1, 7 in 10 of US Google users make more than one search query every day.

Do you think they are all wondering about celebrities and nonsense? No. They are looking for products and services like yours.

2, 540 Search engine Quality Improvements Made by Google Last Year

That translates to about 1.5 changes each day! Are you staying on top of these changes? Are you studying and understanding the space in a way to make best use it for your business and interent marketing success?

3, 1 /13 Google Result Pages Show a Map in Search Results

This proportion includes all searches. What do you suppose happens to this proportion when the searcher uses a local qualifier like including a town or region name in the search? Of note, one of the changes from last year that is becoming more pervasive in the results set is seeing a Google map in a search without even using the local qualifier.

4, Average Time it Takes Google to a Query Answer is Less than 0.25 Second

It is very fast. Is there any wonder why Google is so dominant in this “I need it now!” world?

5, More than 1/3 of Unique Google Queries Have Never Been Seen Before

So why is this important? It’s because it never ends. The reason that the online space continues to improve in its delivery of results to the SMB is that it is evolving and morphing to the needs of today’s business and consumer alike. It’s not going to end.

Do you be surprised for these Google stats? Will 2010 be the year that you really dive in to creating a robust search engine presence or are you just going to wait for the “right time”? The right answer should be obvious. Isn’t it?

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