Top 5 Women’s Surf Camps From Around the World

Just like any other sport, surfing is not only for men. Women had long been waiting to be treated equally along with men in the world of surfing especially in surf competitions. Be it a simple hobby or a serious sport, over the years, women surfers have made names in the surfing industry. Because the trend of surfing has captured the hearts of many, surf camps have mushroomed all over the surfing capitals of the world to cater to the demand of individuals wanting to learn the sport of surfing. With respect to women wanting to learn how to surf, the best start is to join a surf camp exclusively for women only.

The world is composed of approximately seventy percent water, which means that every sea of the earth has a surfing spot with a surf camp. However, there are only few, which can really give the best services to female surf guests. Listed below are the top 5 surf camps for women from around the world.

1. SwellWomen (Hawaii)
A surf camp couldn’t get any better than being located on the islands of Hawaii. Some of the best beginner waves in Hawaii can be found on Maui’s west side. Enjoy a Maui women’s surf camp vacation under SwellWomen. SwellWomen has been popular amongst female tourists wanting to experience a wonderful surf camp because its services are in fact the embodiment of the aloha spirit. You will be lodged in luxury accommodations where you can view the west Maui mountains from behind and the picturesque clear blue waters of Hawaii at its opposite. During your stay, you will be taught by professional surf instructors, experience wellness through yoga and massage and also delight in the best tropical Polynesian food in the Pacific by a private chef. How’s that for being pampered!

2. Surf Goddess Retreats (Bali)
Bali is one of the best surfing havens in the world. So what better way of learning to surf in a camp than Bali, Indonesia? Experience the exhilaration of riding all-year-round tropical waves at Surf Goddess Retreats in Bali. The surf camp boasts of being in business for over 10 years. The good thing about Sun Goddess Retreats is that they limit the number of surf campers in every retreat to 8 guests to ensure that every surfer is given ample attention. All activities are fun and structured so your surfing skills will improve as the days pass. The best thing about your stay is the treat to Indonesian cuisine- truly a warm welcome from the east!

3. Las Olas (Mexico)
Las Olas claimed to be “The World’s Premier Surf Safari for Women”. It was founded in 1997 and has been dedicated over the past 11 years to structuring activities for women who want to learn how to surf. The surf camp is located in Mexico, where the climate is gentle as so are the waves, truly a perfect combination for beginner surfers! You will be billeted in a cabana style enclosed bedrooms in a villa, which is unique than the rest of the others. Gift shops, restaurants, coffee shops and the beach are just walking distance and have easy access. One of the most favorite activities of surfers visiting Las Olas is the immersion into the local Mexican village, which will give you an interesting taste of all that is Mexican.

4. Pura Vida Adventures (Costa Rica)
Pura Vida Adventure surf camps for women are located in Malpais, Costa Rica. It is nature in bliss, being surrounded by pristine South American waters and rainforests from behind. The waves in its main beaches, Playa Carmen and Santa Teresa are mild waves to make learning fast for new surfers. Even more you will be delighted by Southern American hospitality, tradition, culture and most especially of all, Costa Rican cuisine!

5. Surf Diva (California)
Surf Diva is a surf camp for women, which has been nominated for Nickelodeon’s Parents’ Picks Award. It has also been named by the Australian Surf Academy as the “Best Day Camp” in San Diego. Its weekend surf clinic is the most in demand program amongst women wanting to learn how to surf or to refine their surfing skills. Surf Diva has already taught thousands of women in the art of riding the waves of California and its asset is comprised of 12 years of experience in surf education.

Surfing is always a blissful experience because it makes you one with the waves, one with the sea and one with nature. Some women might be hesitant to try surfing but you shouldn’t be. That is what surf camps are for, to make learning how to surf easy and fun. So, what are you waiting for? Surf’s up ladies!
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