Tourist Information on Asia

If you are searching for a good tourist destination to travel to this summer then one place you are likely to have overlooked is Asia. Taking up a quarter of the Earth, Asia is a beautiful and exotic location which has something to suit everyone, no matter what their tastes.

The Best Asian Places to Visit

There are a number of places in Asia which seem to be more popular than others. So when you are planning your Asian journey some of the best locations to visit include:

Vietnam Indonesia Thailand Malaysia Philippines

Vietnam has two main hotspots that are not to be missed and they include Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. They are both modernized and they provide everything you could possibly need to have a great vacation. However you will need to have a tourist visa before you can actually get into Vietnam and the mosquitoes there can be particularly annoying so it is always best to carry some repellent around with you.

Thailand is another extremely popular Asian place which thousands of tourists flock to each year. What you may not know about the people in Thailand is that they are actually quite religious. They believe that the head is the highest part of the body and so you should never touch anybody’s head whilst you are there. You should also not make fun of the king whose pictures are situated around Thailand and also never point at anything with your foot. If you remember these small things then you should enjoy your stay.

Malaysia is all about culture and you will see various food stands situated around the place selling local delicacies. It is definitely advised that you taste these delicacies when you can. Another tip when you are travelling to Malaysia is to wear really cool clothing. The people of Malaysia are religious and you will notice that there are a number of different religious buildings situated around the place.

Finally Indonesia is a fascinating place to visit, though there are some very important rules you need to remember. Anything with Chinese writing on is banned in Bali. So if you have a tattoo with Chinese writing on then it is advisable to ensure that it is covered up at all times or simply do not go to Bali!

Overall Asia is a fascinating country to visit. With so many fascinating places to explore and so many great rides to experience, you would be mad to not even at least consider going to Asia on your next vacation.
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