Tourists Flux Already Opting Vacation Rentals

The globalization of the entire planet using the Internet has led to the discovery of many alternatives of travel accommodations like the fast becoming popular vacation rentals. No longer are five-star hotels and resorts the usual target of a vacationer but the more private and bigger features of rental units for vacations in their place of destination.

With the hotels and resorts dotting the most tourist-visited spots in the planet, the rooms are not enough to accommodate the seasonal flux of the tourists. The peak seasons of tourists are usually caused by the approval of their vacation leave requests that some companies also tend to schedule at the time when they do not require too much man power. This two-weeks of hum-drum time for businesses are the vacation window periods of workers who would want to spend time and enjoy their vacation with their friends or family. And because of the synchronized schedules of vacation leave approvals from companies, heavy flooding of tourists are picking up a certain season that hotels and resorts cannot just admit.

In most cases, peak season of tourists in one particular destination can also be caused by the seasonal changes. Western tourists tend to travel about during the autumn or cold seasons of their region which is summer or spring in their target destination. During their warmer or sunnier months, these tourists tend to travel in nearing region that share the same season. This is understandable since these no one wants to be cold in one side of the world when they can always go around the other side and have more fun in the sun.

And although the hotel and resort industry is thankful for this situational guests flux, they are also incapable of holding them in their premises. The hotel or resort management cannot expand their facilities due to seasonal guests alone as they are not expected except for peak seasons. They resort to a first come first serve principle or what now has become a battle of reservations over accommodations. Regardless of the effort of some vacationers to book their rooms, they still end up being listed as lesser priority. These tourists have no other choice but to find the local scene for rental units that can allow their stay.

The situation gave birth to the local residents of famous vacation destinations to open up their homes and spare rooms to these vacationists. Villas, condo units, apartments, houses, and many other livable or residential units are being openly offered online to would-be tourists who have lost their chances in hotel or resort reservations. But the trend has been changing as more vacationers are finding out the better and bigger options of vacation rentals in the popular regions are a lot more affordable and accessible compared to their hotel rooms counterparts.

This is also favorable to most local tourism industries as these rentals bring more market share in their area. The situation can only become a win-win circumstance for both the locals and tourists.
Sabung Ayam
GAMELAN and MUSIC for Cremation Ceremony in UBUD, Bali

A collection of Music from Ubud Bali with Gamelan Music and rhythmic based music for Cremation Ceremony which is an important event of Balinese people..
Inhalt / Content of music video::
1. Gamelan music for Barong Puri Menara 8:31
2. Music for Barong Puri Menara Crew 2:22
3. Music Rehearsal Sambahan Youth Commun. 4:54
4. Rehearsal of Music for Cremation Ceremony 3:28
5. Full Performance of music for Cremation 14:34
6. Music for a Royal Cremation Ceremony before
Procession in streets of Ubud 4:57
Jens Egert (Sarod) Indian String Instrument is playing a short melody
based on a typical balinese 5 tone scale. C-E-F-G-B-C
the original purpose of beleganjur was to accompany armies into battle and strike fear into the hearts of the enemy. In fact, gamelan beleganjur literally means gamelan of walking warriors. Also like its Western counterpart, today beleganjur has mostly lost its association with warfare, and instead is associated with festivals, contests, and cremation ceremonies.
Gamelan beleganjur is essential to the Hindu religious ceremonies of Bali. There are rites to appease evil spirits and honor good ones, temple festivals to celebrate the anniversary of a temple’s dedication, and cremation ceremonies to cleanse the souls of the deceased and prepare them for reincarnation.
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Sabung Ayam