Trade Unions – A Group to Fight for Rights

You may be very familiar with news in Medias covering the picture of trade union people holding placards and getting for their strikes and walk outs. And many of us will why these people are making so much of chaos on these. Don’t we? But when we come to the real issue we may come to know that many of them are striving for their basic rights. As you all know, trade unions comprise of an international organization for the working class which function for the benefits of these people.

Laborers can be considered as the high risk category of the society. They are the hardest working people who spare their whole life in mines and factories. In earlier times, they were underpaid and exploited to a greater extent by the capitalists. But later, with the initiation of industrial revolution there was a drastic change in the scenario of labors that many beneficial alterations were brought in the working hours, payment, and the like.

There were many revolutionists at that time who worked day and night for the welfare of laborers, who were considered then to occupy the lowest grade of the society. Later on, these revolutionists who were leading the laborers found the need for an international organization so as to strengthen their power before the capitalist people.

This has lead to the formation of trade unions, globally organizing laborers to attain their common goals. Though the venture was not a full successful story in its beginning, in the future it has proved to be a great success and has led to the achievement of basic rights for laborers. They commit meetings at regular intervals, argue for their rights and will fight for their goals. Though the trade unions have gained different forms at different levels, still the essence of the group is the welfare of the working people.

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