Travel, because life is not meant to be in one place

You have one life. Nobody knows when it is going to be the last day of his or her life. So why not make the most of it? Why not create memories which are worth carrying to your grave. Believe me, nothing can bring as much joy as travelling can. It brings happiness and great enthusiasm. You are an adult, have reached an age wherein you have the capability to feed yourself twice in a day and you haven’t been everywhere but it is on your list. This brings out the lust to travel and visit unfamiliar places.
Here are seven rules to live by. Read it and you shall grab the key to happiness.
1. Get out of your comfort zone
Going to places means gaining experience. Staying in one place will only leave you ignorant. You are born to travel. Plan a travel trip to the places you have never been before. It is not necessary to know the destination. Go wherever the road takes you. Make it a trip to remember.

2. Head out to solo tours
Solo tours render you the time to discover yourself. You don’t need to plan your travel trip according to others convenience. Go wherever your heart tells you. It can be any place. Be it spending quality time just sitting on the peak of the mountain or trekking to the bumpy roads, both have unique experiences.

3. Take notes, collect things
You are an explorer. You are born with the mission to observe the world around you and fall in love with the nature’s scenic beauty. Create unforgettable memories, a photo diary of the places you have been. Talk to the locals and hear their stories. Get to know people and their lifestyle for then you realize how better your life is.

4. Do not go for tour agency
You have less money in your pocket and you don’t know whether you will be able to survive in that amount? You think it is better to get holiday packages from a tour agency which is actually waste of time. Stop following the itinerary and find a beautiful spot to spend a wonderful time. With less money in your pocket you can plan a day’s trip with the usage of cheap modes of transport. Do not let the dearth of money kill your wanderlust.

5. Appreciate nature
God has bestowed his most precious blessing upon us and that is nature. When you are out in the middle of the sand dunes or the blazing oceanic water, every moment is rejoicing. Appreciate the beauty of earth and listen what the waves want to tell you. Each place has a story. Discover it and create your remarkable memories.

6. Forget social media for a while
You are not travelling to post pictures on social networking sites. You are travelling because you want to travel. If your key motive is to visit places just to show people that ‘oh wow what a beautiful place I have been to’ then we are sorry to say, you are not a travel enthusiasts because travelers travel to create memories.

7. Travel far enough
Travel as long as you can to meet yourself and find inner peace. You leave a little piece of you in all those you meet along the way. After all, you cannot die without seeing every inch of this world, can you?
If these rules are not enough to motivate you to travel, follow this quote and you shall realize the importance of travelling which says, “If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet.”
Sabung Ayam