Trend shift in e commerce market

When industrialization began on the continent of Europe in 18th century it was focused on only 1 thing that is to meet the escalating demand of buyers. This kept going on for a very good period but change is the only constant issue in the planet so what was subsequent? It was the time for specialist in each and every industry for make product service superior. Why I’m writing this? Simply because we are witnessing very same events in the e commerce sector.

Web has given birth to generation of entrepreneurs in e commerce sector and next one is coming in the form of specialist in certain segment of e commerce who are brave sufficient to dare to get into ring with e commerce giants like flipkart, amazon &amp snapdeal. So what is driving them to get into this is hyperbole created by other e commerce organizations. Handful of advantages are they do not need to have to manage large inventory like other e commerce businesses and couple of quantity of people can effortlessly manage all these operations and a lot of seeking at it as “next huge thing.”

Niches are always excellent as they aid marketplace to get much better, that is what history says. E commerce giants are stocked up with large inventory but niche e commerce gives far better alternatives in specific category. E commerce giants have realized this thing and to support this we can see example of acquisition of myntra from flipkart.

Arvind Sharma, founder of says, “By means of my years of marketing and marketing across the globe, I have learnt that the genuinely massive revenues and earnings are in mass-premium segments of markets. Not the economy segment. Not the luxury segment. Whilst everyone in e-commerce is focusing on low-cost merchandise and a handful on luxury, is focused on the mass-premium segment of saris.” He also added that they have seen 5000 registered consumers in last three months from all more than the globe and quantity is gone get only much better.

It doesn’t actually matter if you have massive quantity of products of distinct varieties in your inventory as niches develop vertically unlike other e commerce organizations. Other benefit of going niche is they never call for big capital like other e commerce organizations which holds unlimited item as niche e commerce are more focused on top quality &amp service and not on low-cost cost like other e commerce giants.

Other instance of niche e commerce is, PaperTap, Massive Basket &amp Basket99. Some of the merchandise they sell were currently accessible on other on-line shop websites but they decided to deep and there response tells every little thing about going niche. Niche e commerce also attract very good investors to invest and acquisition threats as well. Soon after handful of years when everything will be settled down there will be handful of players in this niche e commerce category like we see in e commerce sector these days. But it is sure that there is room for going niche this change will here for some period of time.

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