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PowerPathGDI which is the HEART of PowerPath Global Solutions exist to be an all inclusive opportunity where everyone, no matter their status or ability can succeed.

We work together and get you 6 GDI users absolutely FREE. We don’t stop there though. We fill your complete GDI downline for you, we don’t stop at just 6. We also get your 6, 6 each, and their 6, 6 each all the way down 5 levels earning $ 9,330.00 every month from GDI alone!

So What Do You Get When You Join Our Team!

* 100% FREE to members Media Advertising campaign to promote YOUR links! We do the keyword research, the split testing, the monitoring, the updating AND cover 100% of the cost to run them on behalf of our members!

* Optional FREE cash pulling Web site! We have 50 to choose from, so there is something for everyone! Plus we have the marketing training available for FREE if you want it!

* Advanced Automated Sequential Rotator! NO other team has this. It’s a PowerPathGDI exclusive. How do I know? Because we created it! That’s right, automation at it’s finest, created by PowerPathGDI for PowerPathGDI.

* Top advertiser Compensation! That’s right, be one of our top advertisers for the month and we’ll reward you with CASH!EXCLUSIVE Partner FREE upgrades and Bonuses! YUP, Special upgrades and PowerPath ONLY discounts and freebies you won’t find anywhere else!

* Informative Weekly Webinars! Once a week we all gather online and learn something new, find out how things are going, get ideas and ask questions! That’s right at the end of each webinar is a Q&A with the PowerPath Admin and Founder!

* Top Notch unbeatable Forum! We have some of the most helpful and supportive people on the net available to you right in our forum. PLUS you’ll find tutorials and advertising tips and information that you’d easily pay 100’s of dollars for elsewhere, all available free of charge 24hrs a day!

* Plus we have great optional income streams that WE promote for YOU and MORE! I think you get the idea. We truly are unmatched on the net today!

So What’s The Requirments For Being A PowerPath Partner?

There are ONLY 2 requirements of PowerPath partnership. First is a membership in GDI within our genealogy. (our down line) and the second is a commitment to advertise your PowerPath URL (that we provide you for free). In return, we offer FREE training, support, tools and encouragement.

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About PowerPath Global Solutions:We have been around for over a year now and have been breaking records all over the place during that time. Now we begin a new chapter in our journey! We are Stronger. We are United.


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