Tuition fees In New Zealand
The objective of studying abroad comes the question of the expense of the study. In spite of world class infrastructure and outstanding education program, the cost of education at New Zealand is reasonable. The courses presented by prestigious universities right here are much inexpensive than the course obtainable in many other nations.

Arts, Languages, Theology, Mathematics, Education$ five,198.00
Commerce, Teaching$ four,963.00
Law (excluding Honours)$ five,798.00
Computer Science, Design, Geography, Details Science, Music, Science$ six,212.00
Physical Education$ 5,798.00 – $ 7,181.00
Wellness Sciences, Pharmacy, Surveying$ 7,181,00
Dentistry$ 13,808.00
Medicine$ 13,808.00
Physiotherapy – Years 2 to three inclusive$ six,212.00
Physiotherapy – Year four$ 7,249.00

Arts, Languages, Theology, Mathematics, Commerce$ 7,063.00
Law Honours$ six,776.00
Pc Science, Style, Geography, Details Science, Science$ 8,105.00
Wellness Sciences$ 9,858.00
Dentistry – MDS$ 32,288.00

Arts, Languages, Theology, Mathematics$ 5,911.00
Commerce$ five,698.00
Law (thesis only)$ 6,391.00
Personal computer Science, Design, Geography, Information Science, Music, Science$ six,901.00
Well being Sciences, Pharmacy, Surveying$ eight,754.00
Medicine$ eight,754.00
Dentistry thesis (Non clinical)$ 8,933.00

Scholar Ships In New Zealand
New Zealand International Scholarships are funded by the New Zealand Government and administered by Education New Zealand. These scholarships reflect the Government’s commitment to strengthening educational partnerships with other countries and regions.
Scholarships for International Students

NZIDRS (New Zealand International Doctoral Analysis Scholarships)
Funded by the New Zealand Government and administered by Education New Zealand, the New NZIDRS, supplies monetary help for international students undertaking doctoral degrees by study in New Zealand universities. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit.
Commonwealth Scholarships And Fellowship Plan

Commonwealth Scholarships are available for candidates from establishing nations to study in New Zealand at Masters or doctoral level. Around 10 new Commonwealth Scholarships are awarded every year by the New Zealand Government.
Domestic Charges For PhDs
International PhD students who are accepted for enrolment at a New Zealand university spend the same charges as New Zealand domestic students.
New Zealand University Scholarships
These scholarships are accessible to Undergraduate and Postgraduate students enrolled in the universities in New Zealand. These scholarships are administered by NZVCC (New Zealand Vice-Chancellors’ Committee).
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