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Some people are anti-twitter because they do not want to be caught up in the phenomena of technological gadgets and what it means for the world’s ability to socialize face to face. But Twitter is more than just another social networking website where you can update your friends about your daily activities.
It is quite a versatile tool to getting you or your business recognized.

Twitter can be used as a miniature version to a blog by providing small spurts of content to its users. So whether you want to announce sales and deals, build a community of supporters, or update everyone with breaking news, it can be accomplished here.

You may wonder if it is feasible to use Twitter to market your business. Well after I share my tips on how to use Twitter for this purpose, you can test the waters for yourself. I’m sure you won’t be sorry.

* Firstly, post meaningful and relevant content that your subscribers are going to look forward to as opposed to spamming.

* It is vital that you know what kind of information you should share, both when you are writing your own Tweets and when you are responding to the messages of others. When you have a plan for how you will communicate with other businesses online, you will be more successful with Twitter and those who you communicate with on the service.

* Make the most out of your account. Create a profile page with a picture and some information about your company. This allows the people who are reading your Twitter feed to get to know you better, which is what social networking sites are really all about.

* While you should be promoting your product/service, you have to take into account that people need variety. Post different kinds of relevant content that have to do with the industry you are in, the company and your products rather than focusing on a single topic. This way, visitors will want to continue following you given the myriad of content you have to offer.

* Create conversation; don’t just push information onto people. People like polls and discussions so make use of these and other creative means of getting responses from your followers.

* It is best practice to network with bloggers, webmasters, publishers, journalists and business owners and not just end users. People who work in your field and own web sites that can send you links and traffic, are more influential than random followers who in some cases turn out to be spammers and self promoters.

Twitter can be an important part of your online branding and search engine marketing campaign. The more knowledge you have, the better you can fine tune that campaign. There are many options beyond those mentioned here, but these will give you a good start in learning how to leverage other users with established audiences and create bait that entices people to tune in to you because of interest.

More followers mean more visitors to your website so you can get more subscribers, readers and members. If you want followers, you should get them to come to you. You do not have to chase after them. SABUNG AYAM
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